Made myself laugh at technological evolution

Discussion in 'General' started by Alphå, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. I am trying to update my favorite game, Battlefield 2. I go to teh EA website, and try downloading the patch. Its 500mb, and it was downloading at about 40kb/s. At that rate it would have taken 3 or 4 hours to download, but I want to play soon.

    I ended up downloading it off a different site, which is giving me about 490kb/s and it will be done in 8 minutes.

    but it got me thinking...

    Just 10 years ago if I was downloading something at 40kb/s that would have been BLAZING fast. Now when I download something at that rate I assume there is a problem somewhere.
  2. Lets play :devious:
  3. If you really wanna blow your mind, think about only like 6-7 years ago, the ipod was like friggin 1.5 gigs or something haha. Now it is 1/2 the size, and has 160 gigs on it. And this was less than a decade ago, much much less than a decade.
  4. :laughing: I remember being amazed by 56k and 1 gig hard drives. I thought they were miracles because I remember back in the day on AOL 2.0 with my old 28.8k modem at my Grandma's house.

  5. How about this:

    Back in 1995 cassettes were quite popular. They held about 60 minutes/side. So 120 minutes. Lets say songs are about 5 minutes. Thats 24 tracks. and lets just say songs are 5mb. So thats 120mb/casette.

    Now, I can have a 4gb microSD card that probably 100x smaller then a casette, but can hold 33x more information.

    Chopper team anyone?

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