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made it 6 days

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xam, Aug 18, 2008.

  1. took a break trying to get a new job but my back hurts so bad I had to give in and omg i love WEEEED. well time to cancell interview tomorrow since they drug test and call my doctor
  2. if i were u i would take some nician pills(can pick up at GNC r somewhere)...clears your system very fast and drink some water, you may still b able to pass your drug test
  3. If cannabis is preventing you from getting a job, you may want to look into a doctors appointment and getting a subscription for pain pills. It'll let you take care of that back and won't prevent you from getting a job.
  4. i have an prescription for vicodin. i need to much for it to be effective they are only 5/500s tho. i prefer to smoke weed then to take that anyway
  5. Do you have MMJ in your state?
  6. washington yes. but there arnt any dispensaries near where i live only ones are near seattle. and im 20 attending college and live at my parents home and wouldnt want the dea raiding my house for growing my own mmj so i dont see it worth it to me by having a card. i usually smoke at home anyway
  7. Oh cuz I mean you could get a card and just keep buying your bud from the same guy you get it from and when you go back to your job you can just show your employer your card.
  8. Yeah, but isn't getting a job... sort of important.

    Don't you ever plan on you know.. owning a house or a car?
  9. i thought a mmj card would not work for jobs as its still illegal on a federal level?

    and i own two trucks and twp dirt bikes as well as a ktm625 supermoto..
    and have over 5k invested in stocks.
    i used to sell cars made some money...the job can wait til im healthy
  10. Ah, yes, that makes much more sense. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I don't know what else to recommend for you, buddy. Maybe just considering personal investment or perhaps self-employment.

    Best of luck to you, I hope you feel better soon.
  11. well idk man but the way i see it the only way of you getting rejected even if you have a card is if the employer is a complete dick. Any person with common sense would realize this is your medicine and it is legal in your state.
  12. one would hope so.
  13. Try it out man. You got nothin to lose but a lot to gain. and if it doesnt work well you get a MMJ card in the end haha

  14. i recommend doing well in college and maybe studying the law a little bit so you dont actually make statements like this in public for people to judge you;)
  15. i see nothing wrong with this, your 20 years old, cant get a job becasue you refuse to stop smoking pot (dont tell me you cant, marijuana is habitual addiction, not chemical, smoke herbal cigarettes if you need to smoke something, but your body does not need pot, especially if your on vics) and you live with your parents

    have you ever seen that commercial, where the little kid is smoking in his room on his computer chair, and the pot starts growing in a cacoon around him, and it continues on and on, until he's a fat 35 year old and be breaks out of the cacoon and is like wtf happened to me?
    you should watch that commercial.
  16. if you would of taken the time to actually read what I have said you would of realized that its not weed keeping me from getting a job its my BACK
  17. how'd u lose the job in the first place? and it doesn't really matter... at this point jobless is jobless, and many jobs will make you take a drug test to get in, if you cant beat this drug test you wont be able to beat any others
  18. Well, there are alternatives to fixing your back pain that don't keep you from getting your job. He may have been a little harsh, but he has a valid point. If you're still living with your parents, you probably should get a job, in my opinion anyways.

    It's your life though, that's just my opinion. Do whatever you think is best.
  19. I can barley walk it hurts so bad. the place i had the interview is the same dealership i worked at before and they told me in a few months to call them and they will still be hiring..
    most important things to me right now are my health and my school. I have enough money saved up to get me by this next semester.
  20. Hey man I feel you on the back problems alot of people dont understand what its like. My back is fine now though. Maybe you could ask your physician for a higher dose of vicodin or maybe upgrade to oxycontin if its that bad. Tell them how you're feeling and how you need it because the vicodin isnt strong enough and your back pain is interfering with your life.

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