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  1. This thread is about pipes made in china :bolt: and bought in the us.

    I have two nice peaces, the first is a frosted pink Chinese made beaker bottom double perc with a diffused 18mm to 14mm down stem. Nice sized tube with ice pinch but only holds 2-3 cubes. Over all it works well and hits smooth, has features of more expansive name brands such as roor and HiSi. (price without ash catcher $100 usd)

    Next is another Chinese piece. It looks like a Toro Big Wheel but lacks the percolators in the cans and the craftsmanship of Toro tubes, but unlike the Toro this piece has a fixed stem ash catcher with the 18mm to 14mm down stem. From the achcatch it goes into a short inline then through the cans and into your lungs.It has a res skull and cross bones with rasta flames and it hits super smooth with the top chamber filled with ice. (total price-$240 usd)

    Now these pipes are NOT to be compared to companies such as Illidelph and Toro, the quality just isn't there but for the money these pipes have served me well and will continue to do so until gravity decides its time. If anyone else has a pipe that came with a " made in china" sticker on it and absolutely loves it post your pics.

    Ill post pics when my girlfriend rolls off my phone.
  2. My bong was made in China. It's the only piece I'll smoke out of that was made in China. I try to be careful about using Chinese smoking goods as I have very little trust in anything made from there.

    In fact, this reminds me... Time to go to Lowe's and pick up a lead testing kit!
  3. sorry i despise Chinese glass.

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