made a quick $50 last night....

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by TheGooroo, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Had a party at my apartment and a bunch of friends were over, smoking some blunts, playing some cards. One guy started talking about how he would pay anyone who could eat a heaping tablespoon of cinnamon fifty bucks. He said he has personally seen almost fifty people do it and fail. Well, I decided to do it, I didn't think it could be that bad. I mean, cinnamon doesn't taste bad, right?

    I was very very wrong. Cinnamon is the driest, most powedery substance on the planet. Took me 25 minutes standing up in my living room, tears rolling down my cheeks, to chew it all down. Two other kids did it and puked cinnamon all over my bathroom.

    Needless to say, I won fifty bucks, which is always awesome. But, I swear I will never do that again for anything less than $100.

    Go in your kitchen and taste just a pinch of cinammon.
  2. im going to bring some of that to school and put in in salt thingies now

  3. jr high we used to piss in hair spry bottols and spar each other...nasty i know....but it onlyt escalated to that affter some guys brought in there g-mas perfume and sprayed us....
  4. how can you do that for $50???

    its worht at least $

    im so cunfused...
  5. hahahahhha!

    i tried that on my buddy gavin last night. told him id give him a g. well he ended up coughing and choking all over the place, i kept my g, and had a greaaaat laugh :D

    thanks for the tip !
  6. Man, I'll bet that was terrible! I saw a bartender eat those really hot peppers right out of the jar. He forgot about what he was doing & scratched his eye...he didn't realize he had 1 of those seeds on his finger when he scratched & the next day his eye was puffed out like a marble was in his eye-socket. Plus he couldn't see out of that eye for a week!
  7. Dude I know how it is today I had the muchie's went over to tacobell and I got those cinnamine twist thing's and half of the bag was that shit I was like what the fuck o well it should taste good but I almost pukked my self becuase I tryed to eat all of it damn I do real stupid thing's when im high hehe.
  8. I'd do a lot for 50 dollers, but that is pushing it.
  9. Years ago, my wife & I were so broke, we just couldn't make ends meet. So after much discussion, we decided she should "turn some tricks" for some extra $$...
    Anyway, the 1st night she hit the streets, she was gone for like 9 hrs. When she arrived home, she had $400.25...I couldn't believe such an odd amount, so I asked her who was the cheapskate that gave you $.25? She told me, "Everybody!"

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