made a new light fixture

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  1. So I had a light set up that I just couldn't stand anymore so I Used a $14.99 4 light bath room vanity light and a piece of 4 inch duct i had laying around as well as 2 toggle bolts, a romex connector, 1 into 2 socket adapters and some chain.:D

    I like how I was able to put the bolt through the chain and have the toggles kind of keep them in line.

    questions comments and concerns are appreciated and encouraged

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  2. bloody inventive lad are ye
  3. Nice setup. Are using 42w cfl's?
  4. Looks nice. Personally I would buy 8 more Y adapters, put two of those in the Y adapters already on there, fill 'em up with bulbs and double your light.
  5. cfl 6500k 8 x 14 watt= 112watts
    floro tube 6500k 2 x 15= 30watts

    for right now, waiting for my bulbs i ordered to come in. so i can up my wattage:D
  6. do u think i should do that or is switching to the GE Daylight 26watt gonna be just as good?
  7. Looks good to me ... :)
  8. damn that shit looks like urs lol
  9. Toasty's not gonna steer you'll double your light and your plants will love you for it. Nice work on the DIY too bro.
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    so I just went to wallyworld and bought my flowering cfl's and the 8 more daylight cfls and then went to depot and got the y sockets all after canceling my cfl order lol going to install now here are some pics whie i install

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  11. wa la (don't worry they aren't hung this high, just had em like that to work on.)

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  12. Wow're quick!........How many watts equivalent are you running now?
  13. 254 watts total

  14. Now that's nice. Your set-up is really coming along. Kudos on the ingenuity!!
  15. damn thanks dude i hella appreciate that:smoking:
  16. Oh yeah, I can already hear your plants cheering. I didn't realize you were running 14w bulbs, so you definitely needed more light in there.

    You might need to adjust how all those Y adapters are screwed in so that the bulbs are all level to the plants -- sometimes those Y adapters, if installed on an angle, once screwed in leave one bulb pointing down and one pointing up, that "up" bulb won't do much good.
  17. I have them in there the best I can because they hit each other if i try to put them level :( I'll make some adjustments today to get them as close to level as possible without them touching
  18. wow, thats fucking cool bro! im sure youll do just fine with that setup. good luck...........
  19. No worries, none of us gets every aspect of our grow perfect, just do the best you can. Nice job, give yourself a smiley face not a frowny. :)
  20. Super getting a smiley face today!!! Those little fuckers grew crazy since yesterday:) just have a little bit of heat build up is at 87 degrees i cut open a hole at the top of the ceiling where it peaks and I want to put a cpu fan in the hole to blow the hot air into the attic and in turn drawing in the cool air from my vents in the room.
    been looking for info on how to wire the pc fan but haven't found it yet...

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