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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by anarkin, May 21, 2006.

  1. I stolled into the closest headshop the other day to get a bowl and a piece, pic in other thread, anyways the owner was working which is rare, I walk in and we start talking about this and that when he notices my Biopsy scar, we bad mouth the governments stance on medi for a day and he tells me I should bring in my bong to get a bowl, which is usually against policy becasue of resin, so Im going back tommorow with my bong. On my way out of the store he even through me a pack of Bubble Jays for free. :hello:
  2. Thats pretty tight man.
  3. yeah i gotta admit that's not a bad story ;)
  4. i want to be a headshop owner, whoa. what a great idea.. holy shit
  5. No shit, Headshop owner is my dream job, but I want to blow my own glass in the back to sell so I don't have to have crazy expensive peices, Ill just sell them straight out at cheap prices.
  6. Damn sounds like a great idea, let me know when this shit is up and running;) I'll come buy from you all the time. At least if you stay local :)
  7. I want to move up to North Bay for College, and depending how things look, I'll hopefully be opening shop in Ingersoll or somewhere close so I can keep in touch with everyone I know. So far I need to finish HS which I am doing next year, and get a glass blowing certi which I am looking into, then I just have to start pimping my wares till it all comes together. If I get it all going it will probably take a couple years, but when I do Ill definattly be repping the city somewhere in my store.
  8. the Head Shop near me are hiring a part time assistant and my parents keep whinin at me to get a job, reckon they'll be bothered if im workin there :p?
  9. haha, go for it dael, what can they do? your doing what they said.

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