mad at inanimate objects?

Discussion in 'General' started by haloman720, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Have any of you ever been mad at inanimate objects while high? like you stub your toe and you start to talk to the wall and try to make it feel like an asshole. my first time smoking i yelled at a teddy bear because it was staring at me. If so share your stories.
  2. my mom had that problem. not when she was high.. she didnt smoke... but she would get frustrated with something and throw it around and stomp on it.

    yeah.. that was her anger vent.. it happened alot. lol.
  3. One time i was hunting and i got slapped in the face by a branch,i ripped it off and screamed things at it like "you mother fucker" or "what now bitch" while pointing like it had a face. then i threw it on the ground stomped it, pulled out my lighter, tried to burn it, and then finally pissed on it.
  4. I want what you're smoking if you're yelling at teddy bears.
  5. i def. do that shit all the time. but i can be sober or blazed. it doesnt matter...
  6. I tend to call things, "cock sucker," when I run into them.
  7. i say whore or bitch when i run in to something. like really loud.. my neighbors probably think i beat women or something.. :shrug:
  8. I'll have to admit to beating and yelling at a motorcycle that wouldn't start, but I wasn't yelling at an object that was actually performing the function it was supposed to do.
  9. PS3 controller, ive gone thru a few already.
  10. [ame=]YouTube - Trailer Park Boys dropping "C-Sucker"'s[/ame]
  11. I piss on my a/c when it starts making too much noise.
  12. I have wished many times that certain inanimate objects COULD feel pain. Just so I could hurt them
  13. I've gotten mad at inanimate objects..but what I think is weirder is that I empathize them.

    I saw a green balloon in the middle of the road and walked out to get it and return it. I pick up random objects and keep them because they look forgotten. Sounds like some sort of mania or disease huh?
  14. This happens to me when I'm on vicodan.. Everything breakable seems to just pick a fight with me and then I go "hulk smash!" on it.
  15. No, but my buddy does this all the time. If he stubs his toe or hurts himself somehow he'll get pissed at whatever he hurt himself with and call it a bastard, usually followed by some pounding fists against it and then he calms down. Looks pretty fucking dumb from my perspective lol, I just know I was high and stubbed my toe so whatever. Smashing my fists against whatever I stubbed it on will not make it or me feel any better.
  16. I beat the shit out of things, yes. Especially things that hurt me.
  17. Usually I'll bump into something when I'm high, and I call it whatever name I'm using that week. I'll rotate names every so often so its not the same shit.

    today its: "Fuckin mongrel coffee table! GTFO my pinky toe!" (or something similar)
  18. i work at fedex and if a box falls on me or smashes my hand... i give it a piece of my mind, you know, keep it in order by punting it through the trailer LOL :p
  19. this explains all the bongs broken in shipping
  20. I talk to my phone alot. A red LED blinks on it when I have a text/email/aim/msn/what have you. So everytime I glance at it, I have to restrain from literally asking it if it's blinking.

    I get upset with the cup holders in my car. I think they're only designed for either a fast food cups, or snapples. That is it. I've more than once yelled at it, blaming it for a spill.

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