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Macujo method 2018

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Macujoman, Sep 26, 2018.

  1. I told myself if it works to beat a hair test I would find the best forum I could find and post that shit.

    Background first, I’m a mildly athletic 6ft 200 pound dude who smoked heavy for quite some time, nothing major just puffin on the one hitter all day every day. When I found out I had to get a hair test done for a good ass job I was after I had about a 5 week window to get my hair clean and ready.

    I stopped smoking completely and started doing an assload of homework on the macujo method as well as the effects each ingredient has on hair. So let’s get cracking.

    First: stop smoking or putting it in your body because your hair grows like a tree from the inside out and whatever is in your body plays a role, being said you need to get clean hair growing quick, so get on your vitamin game and get your shit growing as fast as possible

    Second: Get your hands on all the stuff you’re gonna need. I’ll explain what each does for the hair or at least what I dug up on it.
    Baking soda, vinegar, tide laundry detergent original, clean and clear pink, and most importantly OG aloe rid with the zydot ultra pack.(shits expensive but worth every penny).

    Now I read that the order is supposed to go like this

    1. Soak your hair in vinegar for 30 minutes
    2. Clean and clear 30 minutes
    3. Aloe rid for 30.
    4. Wash it out using the tide.
    Then soak in a paste of baking soda mixed with water.
    Then wash with your regular hair products or whatever

    I call bullshit on what you’ll find about breaking down the folicle using vinega and clean and clear. So instead I decided to do the reverse macujo and regular order both. For two-three weeks I would once a day do my hair the forward method up until I read online that base ph shit will open the cuticle of your hair so I decided to go my own route.

    I would apply the baking soda paste first so it could open my hair up so to say, followed by the clean and clear to get inside and help break any metabolites of thc inside or whatever, then the aloe rid to penetrate and pull the shit out, after that I hit it with tide to get in and remove any dirt oils and lipids(which thc is). Then hit with vinegar.
    Supposedly acids will close the follicles.

    Do that shit for as many times as you can both ways and then go double hammer time the nights before and day of your test

    The day of you should hit it in both orders reverse and forward then use that zydot ultra and just follow the steps but time it so that when you finish it’s right about time to get take that damn test. MAKE SURE YOU USE TOWELS THAT NEVER HIT YOUR DIRTY ASS HAIR AND MOST DEFINITELY DONT LET ANYTHING THAT TOUCHED YOUR HAIR WHEN YOU WERE DOPING IT UP TOUCH THAT CLEAN HAIR OF YOURS, it’ll raise the risk of cross contamination and you could fail doing all this shit for nothing. Follow the steps closely don’t just read this and do it from my words instead use this as a tool to further more improve your chances and correlate it with others stories

    All in all do your homework. Spend the money required cause if it’s a follicle test required it’s obviously worth whatever it may be to pass. And don’t dirty your hair anyway possible cause it just hurts your odds, so new towels if need be don’t wear hats you wore before starting and over do the process and then some, it’ll wreak your scalp but dandruff will go away so just do it if your really trying to pass that should be the least of the concerns.

    Good luck and I hope this helps, One love muchachos and muchachets
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  2. I'd rather just shave off all the hair on my body/head then stop smoking & do all that stuff just to probably fail anyway...

    If you have to go to them kinda extremes to pass a drug test you have problems.
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  3. I'd rather find an employer who supports their worker human rights

    oh wait this is Mex-US-Can

    oh that explains a lot

    good luck all the same
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  4. It worked
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  5. For me at least, and a six figure job was on the line to land so you do you bud just helping the community out haha
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  6. It
    works just gotta do your homework and put a pinch of effort in
  7. #7 BrewsnWeed666, Sep 26, 2018
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
    Well you enjoy it while it lasts dude.. what happens when the people who employed you randomly drug test & you don't have time to prepare??

    or have you stopped smoked completely for this job?
  8. Stopped completely bud, this is merely me returning the favor to the shit loads of homework so the next guy who finds himself in my shoes doesn’t have to shit bricks nearly as bad, besides everyone on here acts like this isn’t a forum on a website called grass city lmao I only created an account to make this poorly written article to help out anyone who finds it useful being this is a stoner site anyway
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  9. You're in the clear then man lol, it's called grasscity forums but 99% of the people on here smoke/grow

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