macros of some dumpster

Discussion in 'General' started by friendwithfungi, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. picked up some dumpster at hookahville. definatly a great smoke!:smoking:



  2. I was at hookahville smoking that same dumpster. Definately a good pick up, although I didn't bring any home. :(
  3. I aient gon lie.

    When i seen this thread i expected this [​IMG]
  4. ^ Ditto.

    Anyways, looks dank! Enjoy.
  5. That makes three of us.
  6. Did anyone else at hookahville see the disco pizza bandit?
  7. Make that four Durchii!
  8. I thought it was going to be shwag, but I was wrong haha.
  9. Dumpster is the worst weed name ever
  10. Cat Piss...
  11. I've never heard of Dumpster before, but I've smoke Cat Piss, and I gotta say, it was some good bud. By the way OP thats some dank ass weed, enjoy!
  12. Dumpster seems to be an "Ohio thing" heh, but yea it's not a bad smoke at all. Nice heady high.
  13. wtf is hookahville and where do I sign up??
  14. i expected a garbage dumster.
  15. I think you all didnt know cuz its an Ohio based strain. atleast i think so.

    Anyone online ive met that had dumpster, was living in Ohio.

    Same with Lemon G.

    2 GREAT strains.

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