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  1. I'm smokin some afgoo right now and listening to the rolling papers album, and it hit me, I wanna know the craziest, stupidest, most enginuitive pipes, bongs, steamrollers etc. That you have made from any scraps or anything, when I was a younger smoker I had an odd obsession with turning and sheet of foil I got my hands on, into a pipe, and whenever I was bored I would make bongs out of anything that looked like it could be used for a bong, post up the pics of your creation if you've got em :tokes:
  2. Dude last weekend I made a grinder out of a chew tin and staples. Then I made a bong out of a glass tube, duck tape, and like 10 pens. And a bowl out of maple and mahogany scraps. And a hookah out of pens, sockets, and 2 liter bottle. All worked good but we lost em haha.
  3. Looks like you've got some ideas runnin thru your head, sounds like some sick inventions :tokes:
  4. The first time I smoked we made a pipe from the foil lid of two cashew cans, I got super high
  5. I made a bowl out of a saxophone neck that I used to play when I was a kid. It works ridiculously well and got the job done
  6. Once when I was younger I got someone to buy me a pipe from a gas station. They came back with a glass rose... all I could think was DO I LOOK LIKE A TWEAKER???

    So going home I wondered what the fuck I was gonna do with it & I decided to make a homemade vape. Best idea ever but it was pretty jank, I used a sponge as a screen since I didn't have a brillo pad or anything like that.

    But I have an actual vaporizer now & it works 100000x better & is amazing :)!
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    What vaporizer do you have?
  8. aw i thought this was gonna be about ninja stealth shit
  9. Few months ago i was hanging out with a bunch of rich kids and this one kid bought like a half O and wanted to smoke with us.. He had no pieces at all and i had forgotten my rolling papers at the house. Normally i would have just gone and bought some from the gas station but it was 11:00 at night, this was a rich neighborhood and im black. The guard gave me a hard enough time when i was trying to come in at 7 PM. I knew in my heart that if i left, id get arrested trying to come back in or i just wouldn't be let back in at all. So i figured... fuck it.

    I know its bad to use and i encourage people NEVER to smoke out of foil but its all we had. I told the kid all i needed was some foil and a knife. He left me in his kittchen with the foil and a knife on a large table...

    I took out a large sheet, folded it in half then rolled it up on a in a chapstick like object making a long tube. I simple closed it off at the end, hollowed out a hole at the tip of it then made a bowl out of another piece of foil. I brought it outside within 5 minutes and everyone went into shock saying that its the nicest piece they've ever seen..... In my head im thinking "Wow im gonna get this dude a 12 dollar pipe and its gonna blow his mind hahahaha"

    But it hit like a pro ^^]

    ((Once again i encourage everyone to Never smoke out of foil))
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  11. Not really sure if this counts as a MacGyver story but we and a buddy have a spot outside of town on a road that nobody goes to. Well we drove out there and were going to smoke outta my bong, but had forgotten the water. There was dew on the tall grass so we ran along the grass collecting water in the bong until it was the perfect depth.
  12. I did pretty much the same thing once man. I was baked and had run out of water so I filled up my bubbler with water that had collected on leaves. It took me about an hour but it was totally worth it.
  13. One time I made a bong out of a Fuze bottle, a pen, candle wax, LOTS of scotch tape, and an old bong bowl. Another time I used a pen and a piece of tin foil. I wrapped the foil around the end, pushed it in a little, and poked tiny holes with my earring.

    That's about it, other than tin foil and apples. Most of the time I have something to smoke out of.

    Oh yeah, bible paper and fruit snacks.
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    Bible papers.....come on, is 99cents for shiity wraps too hard to come up on?? Lol, but lovin the stories so far everyone, keep em comin :tokes:
  15. USed to make foil pipes before i bought my first piece. But i just figured out how to make a lighter lol. I had two roaches and no lighter earlier. Went all around my friends apartment all i could find were three dead lighters. So i a candle and some iso alcohol. Poured the iso in a plate and sparked the lighter over it until the whole plate caught fire. Then i took a twig and lit it and used that to light the candle. Then i just kept dipping the lighter iso then putting it over the candle and lighting the bowl with that. Macgyver shit fo real.
  16. I had this friend in hihgschool. He was crazy good at making stuff to smoke out of. He was obsedded with it. He started of making bongs out of pvc pipe and he made a thing he called a "schlompie". It was a tube with a screen in the front. All I know was if you smoked that thing it was like setting a rotweiler loose on your lungs.

    Later on he got more serious and he constructed a multiple chamber glass bong tipe of confuckualtion. This guy was really the mcguyver of weed but he was one of those dumbass look-at-me-I-smoke-weed type of guys.
  17. I made a bong out of a fart. Hit pretty well, but tasted nasty.
  18. That was back before I could buy those.
  19. Idk if this counts but we had a socket we were trying to make a gravity bong with but we didnt have anything to stick it into the cap. Then we realized this socket fit perfectly into the mouth of the bottle. Perfectly snug, and all you need now is a water bottle from the store and you got yourself a G-bong.

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