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Maccugo Method/Toxin Wash Hair Detox----Heavy Heavy user trial

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by badger, Mar 14, 2009.

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    Long story short I was offered an amazing internship in California.....my dream. The only obstacle is getting past a Hair Follicle Drug Test. This is a trial for an extreme detox. All I know is that if I tested today, not only would I fail, the testing agent may have me arrested and sent to drug counseling (kidin but seriously I like to toke).

    I am a great student at a good university. MJ has completely changed my life in the last 2 years. I was suffering from unbelievable anxiety, violent realistic dreams, and stress related side effects from my lifestyle (20+ hr work weeks/full time student). It wasn't untill i was introduced to marijuana that I was truly able to handle my work load and live a happy life. Today I have about a 3.0 GPA and have funded almost all of my college education in part thanks to weed. I dont smoke at work or class but Ill be damned if I dont come home after my responsibilities are taken care of and have a few bowls every night outta my roor. I also have a grow going on right now.

    So I discovered an impending drug test on Wednessday 3/11 and have since stopped smoking. On Friday I discovered the test was going to be a hair follicle test scheduled for next week. I will be taking in on Wednessday, Thursday or Friday and hopefully later if I can postpone the appointment without suspicion or risk of them rescinding an offer. That gives me at least 7 full days of sobriety.My hope is that this post can give information in regards to my personal background, methods used to detoxify, and final success (or failure) such that other users can make educated decisions on how they will approach an impending hair test. It might work it might not but hopefully we all learn from it.

    My Background
    180 lbs-muscular but some fat too
    Hair Color:
    Hair Type:
    My hair is relatively thin and fine but it grows very thick. I have more hair than it appears. It is about 2-2 1/2" long and I dont plan on cutting it.
    Usage: Exclusively marijuana. Every day .5-1.5g/day, 1-2g/day on weekends for the last 18 months. No cigs no other hard drugs Alcohol on occasion (15 drinks / wk max)
    My Methods:
    I will be using the Maccugo method of hair detox and the toxin wash found at www.toxinwash.com

    The Maccugo method is a popular hair treatment that is supposed to help remove toxins from the hair. I started my first treatment today and will be doing subsequent treatments twice daily until my test and right before the test. I will also shave my body hair and trim my leg/arm hair to under 1/8'' so my only useable hair sample will be on my head.

    The Maccugo method is as follows:
    Step 1: Soak hair in apple cider vinegar. 1 gallon jugs are like 3$. The worst part of this step is the smell. I didnt use a shower cap, mearly kept my head leaned forward over a towel after I had soaked it in the tub. I placed some more vinegar in a bowl and ocassionally would put some in my hand and reapply to my hair to keep it very wet. I also rubbed my hair (not scalp) between my fingers throughout my head of hair. I did this step for about 20-25 minutes.
    Step 2a:
    Apply Neutrogena T/Sal Therapeutic Shampoo-Active Ingredient 3% Salicyclic Acid. This is applied to the wet apple cider hair. Basically like a shampoo. I use this one for the first treatment of the day. Lather it in to the hair and scrub scalp and hair for about 20-25 minutes. It will lose its foam after about 10 minutes and you can just add a handful of vinegar to get it lathery again. When I say scrub hair, I mean that I take my hair inbetween my finger tips and scrub up and down the length of hair. I do this in bunches repeatedly across my head. This stuff is like $5.79 for a 4.5 oz bottle.
    Step 2b: Apply Netrogena Clear Pore Oil-Eliminating Astringent--Active Ingredient 2% Salicyclic Acid. This is applied to the wet apple cider hair. I use this product for the 2nd treatment of the day. This one burns a bit more as its primary purpose is acne control and is designed for the face. It removes fats (like THC) from the face (and hopefully the hair). I put this in for about 20-25 minutes and scrub like in step 2a. This product shouldn't be used in conjunction with step 2a. This step is merely one or the other (2a or 2b) Stuff is like 5$/ 8oz bottle.
    Step 3: Rinse thouroughly. I heard distilled water is best (idk why) but I'm using water out of my tub.
    Step 4: Apply Tide Original (NO BLEACH). This stuff is just laundry detergent. It actually feels kinda cool like really thick shampoo. I scrub my hair and scalp with this stuff for like 20-25 minutes. Rinse after.

    This is the maccugo method of detoxifying the hair

    Toxin Wash
    This is one of those expensive hair detoxifying shampoos. After shipping its over 100$/ 4oz bottle. I know it sounds pretty messed up to pay that much but I did a lot of research and this was the product I felt most confident in. This job is worth a lot to me so its money well invested. It has about 4 treatments and I'll probably use all 4. Its advertised as a PERMENANT detoxification treatment untill new toxins are ingested. It is not a mask or coverup but a cortex cleaning agent. I haven't recieved it yet but its overnighted and should arrive monday morning. I will provide a description of how to use it at that time as It comes with Prewash instructions I haven't recieved yet.;)

    I hope you guys like reading it. I will answer question about my personal experience with the procedures and obviously let you know if I pass or fail the Drug Test after it happens. I have good vibes about the whole thing. If I do fail than this was a learning experience for next year (stay clean before job hunt) but if it works than I can safely say it is POSSIBLE for a heavy smoker with relatively short notice to clean up and pass a hair follicle drug test. Stay tuned for more updates and peace out GC. Roll a fatty for me while I'm sober and wish me luck:smoking: :bongin:
  2. Knowing my lazy ass i wouldnt have just bought a ton of shaving cream and some aftershave and took off every bit of hair.
  3. LOL i wish however in my company's eyes this is an admission of drug use and is basically a failure. I think it would be very suspicious hahaha
  4. Good luck im gonna watch this one.
  5. Your hair must be so fuckin fryed.
  6. good luck.

    yea i understand why you can't really cut it. i wonder what they would say if you did though? but yea this is important to you so theres no use in risking it.

    once again good luck, hope you can get your dream to come true
  7. You would have to remove every bit of hair on your body, and then you'd be automatically disqualified unless you showed a medical reason why you were hairless.
  8. Fly to chernobyl and stay for a week.
  9. Obviously the only real way to clear THC out....but if i bought the ticket there, how could I afford ROOR ware for the trip home.......what a paradox

    The hair is pretty normal, the scalp is a little sensitive from the acid though (vinegar + salicyclic acid)
  10. So heres an update on my progress. I completed my second application of this today. I will tell people who try this process that the pain is in the frequency. The more you pour that vinegar on your head and let the acid sit on your scalp, the more uncomfortable it becomes. Yesterday the process barely hurt at all. I was thinking "Wow all those testimonials about burning sensation must've come from complete wimps. I was rudely awakened on my second application today. My forehead feels like some1 dry shaved my skin with a two year old bic then blowtorched it. Its not really that bad lol but it does feel like a bad sunburn. I think an aloe shampoo will relieve the pain. I also would recommend EXCESSIVE shampoo and conditioner after this process because your scalp will itch otherwise. The laundry detergent does not rinse out without using shampoo after. The conditioner makes your scalp feel much better but does little for the forehead.

    I will be continuing twice a day though despite the pain. I'm takin it for you Grasscity. My pain will hopefully not be in vain and we can all know that your hair can be cleansed if you wash it and detoxify it enough. I estimate a total of 10-14 maccugo treatments and 4 Toxin Wash Treatments before the test. If this doesnt do the trick then I feel like it can't be done without a longer period of sobriety. With that said, however I'm still very positive that I will pass. I was fantasizing yesterday about lighting up a jay inside my drug test facility right after I submit my sample hahahaha. Probably wont though in case a second sample or alternative sample is required later. Prolly wont light up until after the results come back. Oh well at least coming off MJ is the easiest thing possible. 4 days off now and literally no withdrawl symptoms; obviously I want to smoke but other than that I feel absolutely fantastic. Ill keep you guys updated on the treatment side effects and let you know when the toxin wash gets here.
  11. Toxin scrub arrives tomorow by 10:30 AM says fedex tracking. I only did the method once yesterday (and twice on saturday). I could take the pain but my scalp is badly burnt from the acid.My skin is gonna be peeling (very similar to sunburn) in the next few days I forsee. Just dont want to come in with a horribly burnt and peeling forehead. Im using some aloe lotion and it helps a lot. I also shaved my chest nether regions and trimmed the rest of my hair too short to test (1/8''). Now its just finishing up the treatments getting the DT date (most likely friday) and PASSING THE SHIT OUT OF IT. wish my luck GC ill keep u posted on what the toxin scrub is like
  12. man u must really want the job. i would refuse to let them test my hair claiming "religious purpopes" to let my hair remain in its natural state.

  13. Then you would just not get the job. The courts have ruled again and again that pre employment testing is allowable with no exceptions for religion or anything else. It's a matter of consent; if you want the job you consent to a test. If you don't want to be tested then don't go for the job.

  14. Oh man im totally with u. I think drug testing is the biggest bullshit of all time. Talk about infringement on you're privacy. I don't know where the idea came around that somehow what a person does off the clock for fun or relaxation has any bearing on how good of a candidate they are. Dont get me wrong if some1 gets hurt on the job or has an accident or something they should be drug tested. You shouldnt be high at work ever.

    Its all driven by insurance companies. They wont insure coorporations if anyone in their work force does drugs. The pharmaceuticals and insurance companies work hand in hand to supress marijuana use. They say "if u do it....you wont be employeed and cant afford it." Pretty messed up. But hey its the system we live in and I wan't a the job. In the end my life and job are more important than weed but its still a mesed up system.

    Cigs are ok to smoke in insurance companies eyes.....killing millions worldwide a year. MJ is not though.....thats b/c if people didnt get sick they're would be no1 to buy meds and make insurance companies rich. Why would MJ which could replace some drugs or work in conjunctions as therapies be encouraged when its gonna cost them money.

    Fucked up? ya.......reality.....ya

    The only people that suffer from Prohibition are taxpayers and families. The only people that profit are Criminals and Big pharmaceuticals/insurance co's.
  15. I'm not sure all drug testing is bad. If I am shelling out money to hire someone I want to know if they are addicted to heroin or cocaine. The latter two drugs only last in the system a few days, so if someone can't quit that long to pass I don't want them working for me.

    What is wrong is testing for marijuana. It all comes back to Prohibition. Let's worry about getting it legalized then they won't worry about testing for it.

  16. True that. I was refering to MJ drug testing in my above post. I totally agree with what u said about some of those harder drugs but only b/c I feel like their addictive tendancies can be more detrimental to people's life.

    Legalization isn't gonna be beyond my lifetime Its just hard to be one of those people ahead of the curve I guess.
  17. I am really interested in how this turns out. My girlfriend has had to quit smoking in fear of a hair test. She really doesnt want to quit but she said it isnt worth smoking cuz its her dream job also. If this works she may be inclined to smoke. She is in the same boat as you: works 20+ hrs a week and goes to school full time. I seriously see her going insane from stress and i really wish she could smoke again to releive it, as its the only thing that works for her. Good luck with the experiment and let us know how it goes.:wave:
  18. you can try totally bleaching your hair a couple times
    and then die it back to your normal color
    i'm pretty sure it would fry your hair rendering it untestable
    dont know if it'll actually work though!

  19. People have done this and it works but ya it fucks your hair up. You can also use H202 (hydrogen peroxide). I dont really want to damage my hair thought. The maccugo method doesnt damage your hair at all. It isnt much better either but no damage. I think it would also be more expensive to color it a bunch.

    Check this site out if you want to know the chemistry behind cleaning out your hair and how a hair DT works. was pretty informative especially if you know how proteins work and how the chemicals are used to denature them.


    Says it was written by some college guys who all failed a DT and wanted to figure out products that work. Seems impartial and professional to me
  20. yeah you'd probably have straw for hair after bleaching it so much lol
    well let me know how your solution works!
    i wish you the best of luck with your dream job as well!

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