Macadelic new mixtape by Mac Miller

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    New tape Macadelic dropped today; thoughts opinions on it ?

    Personally I love it its got this trippy feel through out its entirety. One of those tapes that has a good flow through all the tracks the kind you can just throw on and burn to. Been a mac fan since kids and best dat ever and he def came through on this on imo

    so lets see what GC thinks
  2. When I saw Lil Wayne on the tracklist, I :(
    Shitty rapper Lil Wayne, but no fellow Pittsburgh native named Wiz Khalifa?
  3. Is it betterthan blue slide park? Shit was terrible
  4. Macadelic > Blue Slide Park.

    Seriously considering listening to it on unmentionables, since it was good as fuck for smoking.

  5. ^ this
  6. Mac Miller blows. Nuff said

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