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  1. so i think that i'm gunna buy a new laptop soon. i've been using macs lately and was wondering if buying a mac over a pc would be a good idea? any thoughts or input from people who have a mac?
  2. I got a macbook pro. Im not real big into computers but I like it better than all the PCs ive had before. Ive had it for like 2 years and its still just as fast as when I first bought it.
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    Make your choice.

    Yes, Ive had a macbook before
  4. Buy a Mac. They are much more aesthetically pleasing and have more intuitive designs (LARGE multi-gesture trackpads). Windows laptops are generally ugly and the exterior bodies are usually made out of cheap plastic.
  5. ^^^HAHA! I've never seen any of those. Quite funny. You're obviously a Windows guy, so I'll bat for the other team on this one.

    I'm at IT guy, am a semester away from a BS, and have been dealing IT for about 5 years and in "desktop support" for a major company for a year now. I've used Windows for years, Mac religiously for maybe 6 months to a year. But really, I'm neither PC or Mac, I'm linux. So my advice is pretty neutral.

    With Mac's you're obviously paying more for style and brand name. Mac are always equipped very well hardware wise, superior hardware can usually be had for less money on the PC side. OSX is basically Unix with Mac's interface on top of it, so it is rock stable. OSX is very eye-appealing, and in my opinion very easy to use as well.

    PC/Windows gives you way more options, is a lot cheaper, and yes, can be modified/tricked-out/customized/upgraded more. But Windows also sucks in a lot of ways. Since Windows has the biggest userbase, obviously all of the spam/viruses/adware/etc are directed at you. Windows consistenly releases OS's too early, and let's face it Windows can't be called a stable OS. I work with a lot of developers and systems admins and running a server based on Windows is obviously an easy and familiar joke with them.

    If money was no option, I would choose a Mac, expecially for a laptop. Macbook's are much cheaper than Macbook Pro's FYI. Also, what's the extent of your internet usage? If you're just a internet/email/forums type of guy, have you thought of an iPad? iPad's are very fun and functional if you understand what they're built for.

    Or you could just buy a very cheap Intel based laptop and make the jump to Linux. IT'S NICE OVER HERE!!! :):smoking::wave:
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    If the pic above is accurate, then this is Linux:

  7. People have mixed experiences with Macs, just like with any computer. Go fuck around with one if you can and see how you like it.

    I like mine, haven't had any problems. You can't like swap out the mobo if you want to, but that's not exactly a common procedure most people do. Usually when they're upgrading they're just adding more RAM or getting a bigger hard drive -- which is pretty much as easy to do to a Macbook as it is on any other laptop. It's literally a three-screw procedure for either or both. And you don't even have to buy special Apple hardware if you don't want to. My Macbook is running plain old laptop RAM like you might get for your PC. No performance penalties and it's a lot cheaper than buying magic RAM from Apple.

    My favorite thing about them is that the OS is both unobtrusive and performs pretty much consistently over time. What I mean by unobtrusive is that usually I don't notice the OS itself because I'm busy using the apps with very little interruption/bother from OS X. And it performs consistently over time: unlike Windows, where it just seems to get slower and slower the longer you have it installed, any iteration of OS X will perform pretty much the same over time.

    My Mac was fast enough when I got it two years ago. It's plenty fast enough now.
  8. Really it all merely depends on what you're looking to achieve on whatever platform..

    Coming from a business owner with vital information that must be kept to my self and be safe, as in from malicious content. I also am a avid graphic designer and web developer, as well I produce some minimal beats and mix music often too. I would most likely go towards a Mac on these situations because, one.. It's market share is not as huge as PC's hence less viruses as well how it's developed from a UNIX point of perspective, it's quite safe from malicious content as PC would be more vulnerable. If your a business owner, graphic designer, music editor OR like simple eye-candy appeal with minimal errors and easy UI then get a Mac.

    If you're more of an avid hardcore gamer (since intel chipsets, etc. Mac can actually just as game 'hardcore' excluding pricing options), software developer in average windows languages (even though Mac can do the same) or like working on windows machines and having big accessibility in editing everything (almost) then get a PC.

    If, none of the above but hardcore developer, SSH guy, all technical and works with a lot of linux distros and love it, obviously you may be a linux head!

    I enjoy all three, so I switch off occasionally.
  9. If you only browse the web and look at pictures: Ubuntu Linux (Not saying this is what linux is good for but for a normal person who only wants to do this - it's the best.)
    If you play games and enjoy computing: Windows
    If you want to carry it in a satchel and make an impression that says "Yes I am working on my poetry that doesn't rhyme" when you go into a coffee shop: Mac
  10. In simple terms, if all you want is more or less hassle free computing, be that surfing or creative/productive work, and you don't mind the cost overhead or in comparison limited software library (especially for more specialized software) then get a mac. It is simple to use, hardly ever fails and will last you forever. As a bonus they look downright sexy too.

    If on the other hand you're into tinkering with your computer, or are into games, or want the most bang for your bucks, or have some specialist needs, then get a PC.

    For me it is a no-brainer. I got 5 PCs (netbook, laptop, gaming/development rig, mediaserver and rendering-slave), and would not consider getting anything but a windows PC. Well, I do want to experiment with making a couple of linux rendering-slaves from spare parts in my closet, but never gotten around to it.

    Never had any real problems, apart from a few PSUs that have blown up. The key is to keep your software legal, keep the OS and anti-virus application up to date, not visiting fishy websites (read: porn and crackz sites), not using Internet Explorer, not installing willy-nilly all kinds of silly software, and doing some simple clean-up now and again. CCleaner is good for that last part.

    Oh, and if on a PC, be very carefull when installing any software from Adobe or Apple. You won't believe the amount of crap they try to sneak under your radar, that are set to install as default. Never go for the simple install option (this is true of all software really), go for the advanced option, and deselect all the crap you do not want or need.
  11. I'm a PC gal to the core. Been building PC's since I was in my teens. Macs are ok if you're using it for media purposes - film editing, photography, etc...

    but PC's are just so customizable and far less expensive - and its really not that hard to keep your PC from fucking up. The whole argument with Macs not getting viruses, etc.. is moot if you actually know how to take care of your PC.
  12. PC....all the way :devious:
  13. Mac all the way:hello:

    Unless you want a laggy comp:p

  14. it only lags if you don't know how to take care of it.

  15. Thats true

    I just downloaded too much music:(
  16. Go to an Apple Store and test out some laptops.

    I absolutely love mine, I need something portable, good battery life and decent specs and Mac executes that perfectly. Sorry but I have yet to find many Windows laptops to deliver this. So if portability is big for you, Mac all the way.

    The only difference between Mac and PC laptops are that PC does have many different configurations, are cheap and the amount of programs available on Mac compared to PC is laughable and mostly just ports in themselves (Except for media related programs)

    But test them out, see which you like. For the price of a Mac, you can get a very nice laptop that can be seen as a desktop replacement. But no regrets on my Mac and I even have windows 7 on it and love it :)
  17. This is true. Mac has no game(s). :p

    Each has their pros and cons. Its all on what you use it for. If you can afford it, try Mac. I didnt like it but thats because I like to play games and customize my machine
  18. i had a couple of pcs before but i soon realized that i didnt know enough about computers to work one. plus weird stuff kept happening like the computer typing "v" all by itself or not connecting to the internet.

    after my last pc died, i bought a macbook and i love it. its awesome!
  19. Why would I want to pay $2000 dollars everytime my computer gets outdated hardware, when I can just upgrade the nessecities. It has been proven many times that you can build the exact same computer as a Mac, same Mobo, Mem, HDD, CPU for significally less. The only thing different about Apple is it has something in it, that tells it, it can run Apple's Mac OSX.

    Also, it must suck when your warranty runs out and your monitor INSIDE your computer breaks. Then unless you gots the skills, you gotta buy a new computer, if do have the skills, it's still gonna cost alot because Apple is overpriced shit.
  20. for some of our uses, it's mac all the way

    8 core 10~16gb ram final cut pro clients, accessing an xsan2 storage system, 2 * 20tb volumes and 1 * 40tb volume, over 4gig fiber, we do a fair amount of work with red camera footage, we use the systems and push them hard

    we could go pc, we could spend a lot more money to have an avid workstation, but this setup gives us incredible bang for the buck

    our design team is all macs too, running illustrator and photoshop all day long, some illustrator projects get up to 1gb in size, some of the photos are 35megapixel images that get dropped into photoshop, this would suck on even bad ass pcs, the macs handle it well

    don't get me wrong, pcs are great, windows active directory, group policy, windows systems update services, all of these things save me a great deal of energy and time, at the end of the day though, the pcs just are not up to the tasks that the macs we have are, the macs are pushing far more bits than any of our pcs, i love the pcs due to ease of management with all the great server tools microsoft gives me though

    they're both different tools for different jobs imho

    games get mentioned a lot in threads like this, i used to love unreal tournament on my 750mhz. p3 w/3dfx voodoo3 card and soundblaster etc etc., that was some dopeness for sure, more and more i find myself using a console for these purposes though...keyboard and mouse is superior for fps games though imho...

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