Mac miller - watching movies with the sound off

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    This shit is fire. I seriously recommend you guys to give it a listen. I'm really liking it. it feels like summer :smoke:


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  2. Dude I've listened to this whole album one time, some days even five or six, each day for the past two weeks
    It is so great and has lead me to downloading all of macs public music, I wish I could listen to his personal 600 song vault, and the man is a genius while free styling just perfectly
    And he's only rapping better than he did on macadelic and kids which is crazy because I've listened to those albums religiously since they came out!
    Man, he's perfect <3
  3. I like where he went on this album, he's growing up.
  4. absolutely! good music to play while riding ya kno?
  5. This album is really good. While I don't think it's the best, technically, of all the June 18th releases, I've gotta say, it's becoming my favourite. I wasn't too hyped because I didn't really like BSP, but Mac went hard on this. It's sad that people are going to overlook it because it's Mac Miller, because it's a fantastic album. 
    I'm Not Real, Matches, Red Dot Music, Someone Like You and Gees all stand out for me. I like Objects in the Mirror but I prefer the live version he uploaded to YouTube. All the bonus tracks are great as well. He has progressed so much as an artist it's unreal.
  6. i used to love mac miller. 2 years ago i started listening him and he was my favorite. untill the past 5 months and now this new album. he sucks so bad now. id rather listen to some chief keef sosa babyyyyyy
  7. very good album from mac miller, probably his best project so far by a landslide.  Very good features too. Also red dot music is my favorite song of the summer so far.  Mac hanging around artists like Black Hippy have done him well.
  8. I haven't checked it out cause as a general rule of thumb I don't like Mac miller.. He usually comes off very corny to me. So you guys are saying this album is different? Anybody else usually find him corny and actually like this album? I may check it out.... But as far as best album from 6/18 ... Born sinner was amazing.... The progression shown by cole especially production wise was out of this world. Best album since good kid mad city in my opinion... I'm a bit biased though lol
  9. Album is a 7/10

    Some wack stuff

    best mac release though


  10. not a fan of the dude but there was a couple tracks that were alright. definitely didn't make it on to my ipod though.
  11. The production is great, but honestly the lyrical content came up kinda short in my opinion. I enjoyed Macadelic much more than I enjoyed this. Regardless, he's evolving as an artist. So that's good.
  12. Weak album as i expected.
  13. corny. voice sounds like he's got allergy problems 
  14. Not huge on mac but I'm not real is a song played daily for me
  15. i gave it a few rough listens after it first came out. Now i only remember the very good "watching movies". people worship these idols till they come to contact with God---So DOPE
  16. I was impressed with this album.  I've been a Mac Miller fan since KIDS and it was disappointing to see where he was going.  I hated Blue Slide Park, so I was expecting this album to suck also.  Surprisingly, there is a lot of lyrical content in here and a lot of deep thinking.  One specific song I can remember is REMember.  It also has some good features from Ab-soul and Schoolboy Q.  I'd say this album reflects Macadelic, which is one of my favorite mixtapes.

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