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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by lman_15, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. yo i only have 2 outlets in ma room 1 in ma washroom and 1 in da main room i have dis box 12inch high and 12inch wide and 17 inch deep could i grow in der... its cardboard and i could just line it wit some wood or leave it der... so tell if u think it would work also i would be usin scrog... if there suck thing as a 140 walt light dat u won't have 2 plug in...
  2. you want at least 22" high box to get a goo dyeild and o keep it easy. do you haev any fileing cabinets or any furniture you can use? You can always run out ot lowes and pick up one of the wood cabs for 20-30 that are on HJ cheap supplies.

    if you have some wood oyu can mae a box but i think it would save you allot of time and youd haev a better box if you just use the pre-made cab rather then make a wood one.
  3. well da box is accuctualy card board and i could line it wit wood but ain't sure yet... since i live wit my mom it will have 2 be a stealth grow so dats y its in an empty box... but is there a 140 walt light dat doesn't need 2 be pluged in like solar power or battery powered?
  4. LOL, no thers no light like that.... If your living with aprrents and dont have a good cab in your room to work with make a small veg setup with no carbon filter or anything, Just a box a daylight CLF and a fan blowing out. start seedlings and bring them out after 2 weeks and plant them in the local woods in a sunney spotif you have any woods near you. Thats what i did and i got a few oz of fine skunky sativa buds.

    This is the box i started them in

    how they finished :D
  5. yo i am thinkin of doin something like u did but i will put 2 boxes on tope of each other and the top 1 i will take the bottom out of so it will look like 2 boxes stacked up on each other... would dat work... also is this possible connectin a 140 walt bulbe 2 a solar pannel...
  6. just plug it in. the 2 box setup would work but your still better of in a cabinet. Been there done that, ya know groing indoors first go is hard enough even harder to grow around your parrents. Thats why i went outside after 2 weeks of veg because after 2 weeks they start to smell.
  7. how bad do they smell... but what i was thinkin of doin was gettin a lock on ma door... but if i can't i will just plug it into da thing... also i could just say i am chargin da remote controle car if it was in a case like ur grow box...
  8. You will need to make some sort of carbon filter in the outlet of the fan. Most plants even low odor strains still smell without a carbon filter.
  9. listen to grower, he knows his shit:D (look in his sig)....

    yes a cardboard box will work, but id sugest only using flouresent lights (no HID, way to hot) and definatly a bigger box.... like maybe a box from a TV, stove, air compresser, or something big (minimum dimensions for a good yeild would be like 18" x 12" x 20" minimum (with 20" your gonna need to pull off a super low scrog, if your gonna just let the plants grow naturally, id say like 30" minimum, unless your gonna flower at like 2 -4" tall)

    just remember you need either 50watts or 3000 - 5000 lumens per 1sq. ft., so if your box is 12" x 12" x X" high, your gonna need 50watts of light (2x 26w CFL lights would be great)
  10. so ma box will be da minimum hight, depth, and width... so how many walts... and what type of bulb... also i am goin 2 line da box wit wood and have 2 computer fans in it...
  11. if your accually going to attemt it, turn the box so its 17" tall, and add 2 - 4 26w CFLs.... and 1 - 2 computer fans (run them on 9v for stealthier use..... but as grower said, its going to stink after a few weeks.... at the top of this forum in growers "grow box design guide" i posted afew links for homemade carbon scrubbers (all the way in the bottom of the post)....

    good luck:)
  12. yo would dis work
    (i am talking bout da top 1 dat is white) would it get rid of da oder or not? also what were the dimessions u said earlier bout da smalliest box i could grow in was how high? how deep? and how wide? could u just write em again? and beside den right length then the size... and so 26 walt CFLS lights... would work right?

  13. in a 18" wide x 12" deep x 24" tall box...... i'd recomend that ya use at least 4 26w CFL lights... the more the better though... and maybe hook up 2 computer fans to a 9v adapter.... be sure not to go over the amperage rating of the adapter... find a good box first and post the dimensions and we'll figure out the rest;)...
  14. yea ok sounds good can i buy does lights any were? and can i buy computer fans at computer repair stores?
  15. get the lights at a hardware store... and get the fans at a computer store (new is alright, but used will be much cheaper;))
  16. k thnkz i am goin on saturday 2 get em... i am thinkin of growin in ma dads tool area behind abunch of wood and boxes... like i will grow in 1 of da boxes behind some of da wood... do u think it will work?
  17. yea ok i am goin 2 buy em 2 day... i am goin 2 line da box wit wood how thick sould it be... and how much would ma plant produce of bud?
  18. with 4 26w cfls in a 1x2' footprint box you can get around an ounce.
  19. yea dats enough thnkz...
  20. but yo would dis be stealthy enough 2 grow in ma work room(its has all dis paint and shit in it) and put it in a box behing some wood like u wouldn't be able 2 see it without moving da wood and opening da box... would it work?

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