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M-39 (beasters) from Canada thread

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by slayer2175, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. looks pretty good. lighht it up :D
  2. great looking beasters brah. identical to the beasters i get in NY.
  3. Nice bud .sm0oke it all down!!

    In New york we do get beasters like that.

    BUT I've seen kiefed out/chemical beasters? Why is it like that also?

    Edit: I FUCKING LOVE SLAYER. SHOW NO MERCY with some DANK all day.
  4. #5 BlueDom, Sep 10, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 10, 2009
    It's grown in bad conditions purely for profit not the love of the plant, and is usually not flushed properly, if at all.

    Edit: Not hating on your bud OP, that stuff looks really good, just answering the question of the guy above me.
  5. looks dank to me lol
  6. Very nice, that is what beasters looks like before it's kiefed. Does it have the normal beaster hay smell though?
  7. M-39 is an alright strain.

    Too bad it has been ruined by the beasties.

    I pass on beasties every opportunity I get.

    It's kind of like how people in college like to drink keystone,
    It's cheap and it gets the job done. but its noting special by any means.

    not trying to offend the OP, just saying that I'm sick of beasters.

    Isn't variety the spice of life!?
  8. Nope doesnt really have that hay smell.

    I agree variety is the spice of life this is our mids, cost like 125 a oz 1600 a pounds, not great by any means, when ill pick up canadian medical weed ill definately post another thread with our dank
  9. ya, the buds look really nice though :).
  10. got some shit that looked like that before it was harsh as fuck the smoke , made me cough alot.

  11. i dont know about you blades but that sounds like fucking steal to me

  12. truth. anything that nice up in northern ON would be at least 200 a zip... 2500 for the p, if you were luckkky
  13. u call that beasters...jeesh thats fuckin dank!
  14. lol damn that is definitely on the edge of being dank

    light that shit up for us please :D
  15. canadian beasters are dank right? i thought beasters was another way of sayin bc bud
  16. I'm lso in Canada and I smoked a lot of M-39 in University. I'll post some Canadian Dank in a bit.
  17. I live in Texas where Beasters dont exist, way too fucking south. For 120 an ounce i get Stemmy, Sometimes seeded Mexican Thai, that shit would go for $300 an ounce here.

    grats on the pick-up :hello:

    hows it smoke?
  18. the mids here in ohio look exactly like those beasters, just a lot more compressed.

    Not too bad
  19. M-39 is a strain with genetics from the 80's, it's background is believed to be NL#5 and Skunk #1. the problem is people mass produce this strain and do it for money, and don't grow it for optimum potency. you get canadian growers who get greedy and will even go as far as not flushing, dry or even curing the harvest to get it across the border to make a buck. it's really quite said, bc it can be a spectacular cannabis if it's done right.

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