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  1. So AL...T Put up a bunch of Leisure 15 arm bubblers, Are these the same as Luke Wilson ones? I assume they are as they are $280 and thats what the LW costed? If im looking to spend around this much for something to rip just nug out of not dabbing would anyone be able to suggest something else? Im looking for something thats rather small but delivers a big rip with lots of diffusion. I want either a stemless piece of a bubbler nothing with a downstem.

    Is LW 15 my best bet or should I go with something else?
  2. They're under luke wilson arent they? I think they're pretty dope
  3. They are the same.

    I think leisure is just the brand name the wilson brothers are all under
  4. I think Ben and Jake Wilson are Headford glass
  5. Alright thanks, could anyone recomened something that would be a better choice like a mini stemless of some sort? or would you recomened the LW 15
  6. I'm curious about these as well. Was wondering if they're the same as the dewaar, because they say recessed. If so, 280 is the cheapest I can find them in stock online.
  7. 2011 bc showerhead. but my friend has a LW 15 arm bub, thing is a face eater
  8. They aren't headford, but they used to share the same shop space
  9. recessed = dewar
  10. Thanks for your quick response. I really want to grab one at that price cuz like I said, Never seen them under 300 before. I did read some of the reviews saying the glass could be thicker on those. The last review said the guy was lucky enough to get a 5mm thickness limited edition version. Imo, would suck to pay over 300 for a luke wilson and get thin glass or sub par quality.
  11. I'd go for it, I've been hitting it for a while and it's great. Especially for $280.- I paid $329.- for mine :p . But it's a fun bubbler and definitely fits my 'daily driver' requirements (decent percolation, basically no drag, nice disc screen slide, easy to clean).. I love it.
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    Thank god I placed the order. Got the last one in stock with red and black label. So fuckin excited:smoking::hello:

    Edit: This one

  13. Awesome pickup, have fun with it!

  14. hehe, that review was me! the 15 arm is one of my favorite hittin pieces and was a dream for me to own ever since i had my 6 arm luke wilson bub. and even though the glass is thinner on the current gen luke wilson bubs, they are still thick enough to be a daily driver, just gotta be careful. glass is glass.
  15. Yeah I've been wanting a Luke Wilson piece for a while now. It's difficult to find any though because he's in such high demand. How did you end up getting a limited edition? I hope the glass in mine is thick. I plan on keeping it in a ryot pro case so all should be well regardless.

  16. if trees are your thing, then luke wilson is the way to go. his inlines gotta be great from what i've seen too. but i was just one of the lucky ones to jump on the 2nd generation (dewaar version) as soon as it came out, and those just happened to be 5 mil glass. idk if they are exclusive water labs, but they ran out of those a long time ago. it'll be plenty thick, just treat it well :wave:
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    I wonder how long shipping normally takes. I paid for ups and I know the site I ordered from has only been open today for like 3 1/2 hours but I'm pretty anxious.....wanna hit that luke wilson bubbler! Could have made the trip down there and just picked it up but thats like 8 hours round trip...

    Edit: Now two of their 5 luke wilson's are out of stock. Kinda surprised they didn't sell faster tbh.

    Editx2: Contacted the store and was told my piece would ship tuesday at the latest. Was told they got a lot of orders over the weekend and there's a lot in queue. I didn't realize they didn't ship on Friday. So if you order on sunday, you have to wait for them to ship friday and saturdays orders before they ship sundays..... :(
  18. Just got a shipping confirmation! So happy!:hello:

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