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Lungs hurt all of a sudden?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Buddery, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. So I started smoking weed a while ago and it never really burned my throat/lungs too bad, accept all of a sudden smoking has burned REALLY bad that I can barely take hits, and on saturday I even coughed so much that I puked.

    There have recently been a lot of changes to my smoking habits so I cant decide which is causing the excessive burning and coughing that usually doesnt happen.

    Changes in my smoking recently:
    -Started using filters in my joints
    -Juicy Jays watermelon papers (i have smoked different flavored ones that didnt burn nearly as much)
    -Started rolling my own joints (there kind of loose, do loose J's burn more?)
    -I healed from pneumonia about 1.5 weeks ago, this could have to do with it

    Hope some of you can help me out there
  2. Are you serious? Dude you just don't heal from pneumonia. Lay off the dope until you know you are healthy.
  3. Either lay off, your health is worth more then Mary. Or possibly try vaping, or even edibles. But either way, good luck man.
  4. Just make edibles for a while.
  5. Take time to recover a bit first dude.
  6. Oh shit forgot to post this.. Get a lot of vitamin A, D, E and water.
  7. you had pneumonia a week ago and cant figure out why your lungs hurt when you smoke?
  8. You only have one body man. Take care of it for now, you have your whole life to smoke pot.
  9. Get a vape

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