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Lungs hungry For The Next Smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by londoner81, May 26, 2013.

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    So I've been smoking a lot of weed chronically, from waking up to last thing at night, for a couple of days now... and thoroughly loving it! :smoking:  My life circumstances recently have allowed me to smoke a lot of weed for a number of weeks now, antis might say "too much" weed, but I'm loving it and feeling well rested and serene... floating through the spring and strong for my next set of life challenges coming up after my summer sabbatical.
    Yes, right I'm pretty dependent on weed - addicted. I can admit that among friends, right?
    I just wanted to share the feeling I've had for the first time today, smoking heavily and chronically again. Every time I've been ready and keen for my next smoke, my lungs have literally started to feel hungry. I'd say hunger in very much the same way as my belly feels hungry whenever I need to eat. It's starting to be a familiar feeling now and I find it awesome, for at least as long as there's a bit of novelty to it. (I'm not necessarily in any immediate rush to taper down my smoking, as I'm getting so much from my intensive time with Mary Jane at the moment... you'll all understand I think.)
    Is this 'feeding the lungs' sensation a familiar pleasure for experienced heavy stoners, that I'm only just getting started with discovering the pleasure of? I know that back when cigarettes were much more socially acceptable than they generally are now, governments were happy to classify tobacco in the same category of goods as food and drink, for example. The idea of weed as food for the lungs seems kind of cool... even if I know I'm deep into dirty addict realms at this point... :)
    I also feel like it's amazing if the human lungs actually evolved the ability to become habituated to smoking plant material. Our ancestors smoked the herb a lot at some times in some places, right? At the moment I feel like my heavy smoking is a deeply natural and spiritual thing to do.
    I am a smart, mature, self-aware person by the way. I know full well I sort of have the start of a 'problem' here, I do know that, and I will find more than enough discipline to sort this out reasonably soon, on an appointed day/week/month, once life starts to speed up for me again (which it's already scheduled to do with a vengeance in the fall, in a happy exciting kind of way). It's just that that day isn't today... I'm pretty high today, and veeerrryyy happy about that :)
    You're only young once, right? :) Anyway, time for a couple more bowls... :smoke:  :smoking:  :bongin:

  2. Nice read man, you tried to make it cool and it was
    my lungs deff enjoy the smoke, i guess you can say hungry? haha idk if its as intense as yours!
  3. I guess everything to do with the drug is intense for me right now haha... I feel like I'm someone who was just supposed to smoke weed, everything in me was wired for it :)
  4. Im hungry for weed right now too!
  5. Am i stoned or is this not the first thread like this :/
  6. My lungs are way too full for this shit

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