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Lung damage?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by remitido, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, any of you tokers feel like you've lost lung capacity or anything? SMoker coughs? I read somewhere that weed is worse for your lungs than cigs. but most people who smoke marijuana don't smoke nearly as much as tabacco smokers.

    I've been smoking everyday for the past 10 days (usually purple, but when I ran out I resorted to some fake bake) and today I coughed a bunch, but I can tell I'm not sick...
  2. not at all. i don't cough, and i can jog farther these days than i could before. i smoke multiple times a day and have been for the past few years, and smoked less frequently before that.
  3. Yeah I notice some lung troubles too but after 2 weeks of not smoking your lungs are rebuilt and no hurting while running or short of breath up the stairs.
  4. Hmm. I'm a distance runner, but when I say smoking everyday I pretty much mean like 2-8 hits so not like multiple joints or anything.
  5. Unless you smoke a lot i mean a lot you'll be fine I can run fine even after smoking.
  6. i heard that there's something in marijuana that helps with some of the chemicals in cigarettes.. but i personally smoke both, so I couldn't tell ya..
  7. i ran cross country in high school and that was before i smoked everyday....and now that i smoke basically everyday and my times have improved even with not running near as much as i was and i have better lung capacity it seems and it doesnt matter if i smoke right before it or not :smoking: :hello:

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