lung cancer or because of bong

Discussion in 'General' started by GeorgeB, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. hey everyday when i wakeup i have a big knot right below my throat, and i have to cough up CLEAR mucus for about an hour(not exaggerating) b4 it totally goes away and feel normal..i was wondering if this could be because all i smoke out of is a percalating bong..i havent hit a bowl in weeks, and i smoke about an 8th of good stuff a day...i usually bong about 4-5 whole bong packs a couple hours b4 sleep.
    well thank you for the health its had me worried for at least 6 months....
    and plz dont say quit and findout if its bong or not:)
  2. i doubt its lung cancer - yr lungs are just getting rid of the shit they don't want in them. since you smoke before you go to sleep, it accumulates during the night, and you have to let it right out in the morning.
    nothing too serious to worry about, but i'm no doctor.
  3. You should see a doctor and get that checked out. I never heard of smoking weed causing anything like that.
  4. Sounds like bronchitus dude.
  5. clear mucus??
    you mean spit? lol
    i suggest that you self medicate.
  6. I suggest buying a vaporizer, but not before cutting out smoking anything for a week to see if it betters your symptoms.
  7. I smoke a 24" double chamber tube every day and don't see any ill effects like you described.

    But then again, I don't go through an eighth in a I really don't know.
  8. prolly have a case of bronchitus, or strep. shit happens to me too.
  9. More than likely it has very little to do with your bong. ( I've smoked out of bong daily for nearly 15 years and I've had no issue )

    Obviously, it may be a good idea to see a doctor....but with that said.....a few years ago something similar was happening to me. I too, was spending a majority of my morning coughing up clear shit and if I woke up in the middle of the night I would have to repeat the routine before I could get back to bed. I saw my doctor and he said I was fine. Then a friend came to visit me ( a non smoker ) for a few days. She began having a dry throat and coughing up shit when it dawned on her that my place was completely DRY WITH NO HUMIDITY! Thinking she was full of shit, I bought a humidifier with a humidity gauge. The bitch was right, my home was dry as bone. I started using it nightly and my problems have since disappeared!

    It could be something as stupid as having too little or too much humidity in your room. If you go to the doctor and he gives you a clean bill of health.....that's the first place I would start!

    Also, ( I'm not sure if you do...) but I used to smoke in the room that I slept in! Bad idea! Nothing zaps humidity like a little smoke! I no longer do it and I've been feeling a shit load better.

    I can tell you with a 100% certainty, he has nothing to do with the method by which you choose to smoke!
  10. It has been troubling you for SIX months and haven't tried cutting down on your marijuana intake to see if smoking is the culprit? What type of climate are you living in?

    Do you smoke anything besides marijuana?
  11. Jesus, smoking an eighth a day out of anything could be causing that.
  12. When I smoked with my buddy, b4 he went on probation everytime we smoke he would spitting out mucus, and eventually a few times just throwing up cause he was coughing up so much, if you smoke cigs, I would quit, weed helped me do that easily, dont know why ppl have such a tough time, infact i tried getting addicted to them, but i didnt cause they didn't do shit, and the might be the cause of the problem, but some ppl have diffrent reactions than others to it, you just have to know your body and what i can handle.;)
  13. I usually cough up brown/black shit for a good 5 minutes in the morning.

    Nicotine is a hell of a drug...
  14. Oh my god, I'm tired of people freaking out like this.

    When you cough up lung butter in the morning it's a clear sign your lungs are working to eject the shit that you put in them every day. It's very normal. Don't like it? Vape or eat instead. It's not a sign of the impending apocalypse or a notification of substandard health, it's your body doing its job!

    [/soap box]

  15. where did you herer lung butter? where do you live? When did you first here that term? THAT IS MY TERM:p:confused:
  16. I've got a similar problem, only its not only when I wake up. I find that throughout the majority of the day I can gather up a splittable form of phlegm.

    It seems to go on all the time, and has been happening for a while. It never gets any worse, and rarely gets any better. There definitely is more when I smoke, but when I don't, its still there?
  17. im saying, after an hour of it, u worry a LITTLE.....i was just asking a simple question jeez. and why am i the only one this happens to out of the 40 friends of mine that smoke??? if u had it i think u'd be wondering also.
  18. I know exactly what you mean.

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