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  1. how many inital lumes do you need per plant?

    just need to get this straight

    -- the bubonic plague
  2. I believe its about 5500 lumens per plant. Square Feet also has to do with it, too. I also believe it's 50 Watts per square foot.
  3. a 2'x3' box covered in mylar
  4. I have to ask. What is mylar? I hear about this stuff all of the time.
  5. a highly reflective sorta tin foil like substance

    but it doesnt cause heat spots

    its basically white paint but alot better
  6. Can u buy it at like Home stores?
  7. tried ebay??
  8. i hear alot of people saying 10,000 per plant
  9. I don't remember where I read this, but I copied and saved it for reference...

    2,500 lumens per square feet is the minimum amount of light you'll need. Typically the brighter the garden is, the faster the growth and the bigger the yield should be.
  10. Hey,

    Mylar is a sort of relective insulation. I hear that its a bitch to deal with. Word on the street is, Reflectix is much easier to use.
  11. Good to know. I used some foil on foam insulation sheets called R-Max. It is foil on one side and a white plastic on the other.

  12. shit im using regular tin foil. :( i need some money.

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