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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by andyandmandy, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. Attempting to make plans to grow indoors. Overall have a "good" plan for the box and starting. Questions are on lighting, seen many different ways and I am not sure about lumens, if I have more than one light will the amount of lumens double? Like if my bulbs are 6000 lumens each and I use two bulbs will the overall effect be 1200 lumens or 6000? and I am only planning on one auto-flowering plant at a I dont want to burn it up or not have enough to get it growing. This is my first attempt at growing so any help is help :)
  2. the more lumens the better! the number of lumens will increase with more lights, all you have to do is keep the lights a safe distance from the plants and they won't get burned!

    HAPPY GROWING! :smoke:
  3. Great, thanks for the help. Still trying to get this right, I've got a couple brainbusters... With the veg stage, do you want 6500 lumens (or more?) with the 6500k light? And for flowering, 2700 lumens (or more) with the 2700k light? A lot of the same numbers and I feel that I'm making it more difficult for myself than need be.
  4. the color of the light(6500k,2700k) has nothing to do with intensity(lumens). i have a box of 2700k 23w cfl's and they put off 1600 lumens per bulb. where as my 600w hps puts out 95000 lumens.

    you got the colors correct for the veg and flower, but you need to disassociate lumens from color of light. and buddha is correct, more lumens=better yields

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