Luke Wilson 15 arm bub: impossible to find?

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    So some of ya'll might have seen my thread the other day talking about getting rid of my Stemline and getting a LW 15 arm bub. Well, I found someone who is really interested in the Stemline, but I haven't been able to find a good looking 15 arm bub anywhere. Posted wanted listings on TK and BM (I swear to god if another person PMs me asking what those are I'm gonna go bananas). Anyways, I've gotten ONE total response so far, and it was a guy with a pretty shitty looking can. Really narrow, not very tall, super short mouthpiece...and he wanted $260 -___- (they're $250 NEW on ALT).

    So I guess what I'm asking is, should I even spend all this time trying to find a LW bub or should I just say fuck it and keep the SL? I fucking LOVE the SL, such an amazing tube. Hits like a dream, is built like a tank, is SO simple yet SO functional, so easy to clean, EVERYTHING! It's just the size that kills it for me.

    To anyone else that has ever owned a LW 15 arm bub:

    1) Where did you get it, and how much? (PM me if you cant publicly post it)

    2) Do you still have it? If yes what has made you keep it? If no what made you get rid of it?

    3) Did it take you fucking forever to actually FIND one?

    And for the record, I have the thing on ALT setup to email me the second they come back in stock...and I've checked every headshop within 2hrs of me - only 1 shop sells Luke Wilson anything *facepalm*.

    Thanks blades! <3 ya'll :).

    Anyone know how often (in general, rough idea) Luke sends ALT shipments?
  2. That's a real shame man, gotta hate waiting for glass. Never know if it will actually come.

    I can see why you can't find one though, they are so dope. Good luck bro! Have you posted in the wanted sections?

  3. Yeah, posted in both the TK and BM wanted sections :/.

    BTW this is completely off-topic, but how do you like that Circ AC with your Stemline? Wanting to get a good AC for mine and have heard nothing but awesomeness about the Circ ACs.
  4. Oh I love it, a gridded one would be nice I'm sure but this Toro one works wonders. Really love it, give it a whole new feel. I'd totally recommend it, don't plan on getting rid of my tube or a/c :D I'll make a new milk for that combo tonight :D Hopefully get it up in the next couple hours :D

    It clears really great, adds great diffusion, allows for bigger rips, looks bad ass :p What else is there to say.

    Edit: Too many :Ds, don't think i'll get rid of them though. Just add more :D

  5. Thanks for the quick response dude, I appreciate it! Looking forward to that vid.

    BTW, does Toro make gridded ACs?!! That'd be insane. Also which label is yours?
  6. No Toro doesn't grid anything as far as I know. But I love their circs. Wish I could get a circ/circ but I'd most likely get a Stemline/8 before that :p

    I have the Teal/White label. My favorite personally, second fav being the rasta.

  7. Didn't see the rasta on ALT, you got any pics? I'm a sucker for anything rasta!
  8. hey spikey.. whats up? To help you out, no clue about the LW and ALT shipments. If I were in your shoes.... I'd never get rid of a piece until I knew I had soemthing lined up already for me to get. No point in selling one tube, to then pick up a piece which you don't know when, where, or who its from. I'd wait it out, and the person who wants the stemline from ya, i figure their not dying for it, so jsut tell them to be a little patient with you while you line up for your replacement. If they can't wait, they really didn't want the stemline I figure. If they do, (maybe be nice to knock off like 10 bucks to say "hey, sorry for the long wait, I really wanted/need to get the LW bub connection setup before I sell to you, here's for being patient."

    Just my opinion. either way, let us know how it goes. Hopefully there's something else I can help with. Sucks also that BM and TK (what do they stand for again? LOL!) didn't have the LW your looking for.
  9. get a mini tube, ore get like a circ bubbler, like from vertigo, im not the biggest fan of tree percs, but i havent hit what your searching for
  10. [ame=]YouTube - SG and TORO[/ame]

    Here's my set up. Dressed straight classy too.

    Would have had it up last night but youtube was down.

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