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  1. Post any stories you have that luck plays a major roll in.
    Ill start

    Last night I smoked a bowl, then was driving back home. I turned left, took the turn too wide, went into the other lane and somewhat in front of another car. After straightening out, lights and a siren started up behind me. I changed lanes to pull over, and the cop blew right past me.
  2. I was smoking in a school lot back down in Philly. There's three roads that go in and I'm on a table in the middle of the three.

    Had just sparked up when I saw a cop come down one road and then another down the other. So I booked it down the third one.

    Hid for like twenty minutes after ditching my stuff wrapped in my hoodie and then walked back scared shit less.

    Had like a half O on me at the time or some shit.

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  3. Smoked a blunt and two or three bowls and went for a drive strait after. Halfway through the next town over when I see lights flashing up ahead. I assumed the cops had just pulled someone over so I kept on driving, but turns out it was a booze bus. The cop must have been a fucking moron because I reeked of weed and my eyes were red as fuck and let me through hahaha that's the luckiest I've ever been.

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  4. With a friend on the way back from picking my brother up from his house a couple miles away to sleep over. It's 1am and I had my license, but had an after 9 restriction. I was only 16 at the time and my brother ( doesn't have his license but wanted to drive back so I said no prob). We see lights and I'm thinking its just a stop...come closer and it's a checkpoint. I almost shat myself at this point. This was my first time at a checkpoint, I wasn't supposed to be out(parents didnt know ), my brother was driving with no license, and I had about 2g's in the trunk my brother didnt know about. We stop right before the checkpoint and I see the cops up ahead like "what the fuck is he doing". Me and my brother change seats like RIGHT there. THEN I'm freaking out so hard I tried to drive OVER the median to turn around and avoid it. Cops watching me the ENTIRE time. After about 45 secs of being a fucking idiot I tell myself if I'm busted its whatever. We roll up to the checkpoint and I'm nervous as hell. Somehow they didn't see us change seats but did see me try to drive over the median. Ask for my license and ask me to close my eyes, and my eyes were trembling from nervousness but he thought I was high. Pulls us out of the car and does these test on me. He keeps insisting that I'm high and I was shaking so hard and stuttering that I almost seemed so. They opened JUST my trunk and went thru it quickly. One officer said "do you smell anything?" And I almost collapsed from being so nervous. They didnt find anything and they knew I wasn't supposed to be out but I was only 10 minutes away from my house so they let me go. Terrible night but I was lucky.
  5. The only time I have driven with a drunk driver, we had 7 people in a tiny truck that was meant to hold 4 or 5 if you really squeezed in.
    It was like a 4 minute drive from the party to my friends house. We got on to the main road, which wasn't a highway, just a two lane road that is pretty long and has like 6 stop signs. Of course about 10 seconds after we got onto the main road there was a cop behind us. We were freaking out. He followed us for 2 minutes and it was pretty fucking scary considering we were all 18. He ended up turning off the street at the last stop sign luckily.
    We assume it was just because the kid whose truck we were in has a dad that is a high ranking police officer in the town over. So he has a special sticker on the back that let's cops know he is a family member of a cop.
  6. Well yesterday I was coming home from my girls house after just copping 2 zips of some real load that I had to put in a tupperware container temporarily till  emptied it into a  mason jar. When I got home ( Im 21 live with my parents still) they werent home so I got to grab my jar and bring it to my car and transfer real quick.
    And a while ago I picked up a qp from my one guy, well he ended up making me wait like 15 like he usually does.Im waiting in my buddies back lot at his appartment well he finally rolls up, jumps into my car. we make the exchange and right as hes pulling out, and right after i stuck my face in the bag a cop comes rolling through the lot. I quickly covered it up in my back seat, got out of the car and went over to my buddies and helped him move out for the next hour. THAT was a close call 

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