Lucky # Slevin and the Prestige*

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  1. IMO the don't get discussed enough. Alot of people I know have never even heard of these movies and I think thats unfortunate.
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    The Prestige is solid but I often find it vastly overrated by those who've seen it. I've always felt it lacks a sympathetic/involving protagonist(main character). The film just feels really cold IMO, it keeps the audience at arms-length throughout and never really switches on the 'fun' and/or 'entertaining' switch on. I mean, the end is clever and all but it's like we don't even care because the filmmakers never thought to involve us in the first place.

    L#S on the other hand, is great IMO, I really, really dug that film. I find that the majority of people who dislike it, generally disliked the chemistry between J(osh)H and L(ucy)L, I, on the other hand, thought it came off as genuine and the film as pure escapist entertainment. I mean, who wouldn't want Lucy Liu as their neighbor?
  3. I agree with you completely. Especially about the prestige not being as entertaining as it could be. The sequence of the movie was hard to follow at times also. Reminded me of memento almost(same director??). But the story was very interesting to me.
  4. i fuckin loved the prestige

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