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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by wmg61, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. My straight cousin asked me over one week-end she was interested in this dude just out of jail and wanted to impress by taking him out for a mix with her bent cousin. Driving along the Cops pulled us over and searched the car as they had been watching this dude to see who he was hanging with. They found the bong under the seat and proceeded to search our handbags. They found my $60 deal then sepparated us to get our individual stories. I shit myself as I thought I was the one to be busted. I got quite pissed off and thought if I am going down I might as well state my case. Itold them I was pissed as all I was, was an innocent smoker. And being busted was going to ruin my career, I had beed smoking over 10years and had never had the urge to use hard drugs would they prefer I was a drunk and get agro or be driving around pissed. I explained that I was a Nurse and had worked in the Drug & Alcohol field and I couldn`t understand that men in their position couldn`t see the difference between a harmless smoker and a real criminal. But if they wanted to take me away and waste their time putting me in their system well go ahead!!! I was wild as they had pulled us over to check out the dude we had with us and they justed stummbled upon me. Well after about half an hour of this crap they turned around and let us go. Ijust shut my mouth and got in the car. while we were driving off and thanking my lucky stars I did`nt get busted the dude pulled my dope uot of his trousers and sa id the coppers told him to give this back to me they realised I had nothing to do with this dude and it was just bad luck that we were roped in with him!!!! Could not believe my luck,, Yahoo,,, So we all went off and got stoned... TRUE STORY!!!!! Wendy*****
  2. hah, damn thats some pretty cool cops.. What state is this in?
  3. Pretty much same thing happened to me a few times. But I never lost my head or babbled on. But I've been caught by cops with weed a few times and never busted. A lot of cops just don't care. You are honest with them and say it's weed when they ask what it is and they will most likely not do anything.
  4. those are the coolest cops I have ever heard of.
  5. Damn lucky....

    That wouldn't have happened around here.. The cops around here don't mind if you do it a home (as long as your not violent) but catching you with any thing in an automobile will get you a free ride to jail!!!!!

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