Lucky #30!!!

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  1. So...the story begins. Friday: I am on my way to an Army post to see a friend I visit a lot. My friend is a fellow stoner inhibited by the government and vows that his occupation will never hinder the amount of smoke we blow together as often as we can. When arriving on the post, the MP's will look at your id's...glance under your hood and trunk and write you a weekend pass so that if leave and come back on base, they simply check your id's, make sure the pass is still valid, and let you on your way. We sneak our party favors on all the time with no problems. Saturday: My friend and I are on our way back from a movie. We approach the post and a woman MP flags me to the side of the road. Stoned and unaware of what's happening, I park on the side of the road. Ed McMann approaches my window and says," Congratulations, you have been selected for Random Search. Every 30th car is awarded and you are lucky #30!" So, I am shitting my pants at this moment..realizing that the weed is not well hid (it's in my cd case on the side of my door). The woman ebigns checking my things...all the down to checking underneath the spare tire. When it came time to check the inside...she automatically points out my cd case( a silver metal case that opens kind of like a clam shell). I always believed in honesty, so I told her,"Ma'am before I open this, I will tell you that there is something in it. " She asked me to open it and I flashed her my ounce. i closed the case and placed it back in the door...all the while asking her if she would let me go. After checking the rest of my car...she told me to sit in the car...walked over to my window and says,"You owe me...get out of here" and I drove off...all the while vowing the minute we get back to his room...we are smoking a bowl to our amazing luck.
  2. Yeah! Nice one there!

    Lucky for me, it's gonna be legal in the UK soon. Then I can stand outside a police station with a hookah!
  3. Woo I would have been crapping my pants on the spot without hesitation!

    Talk about "Lucky # 30"!!!!

    Hopefully you won't ever go through that again. Happy toking!
  4. wait...what?....I may just be wondering aorund aimlessly in my drunken/stoned stupor, but I could have sworn you said something about ed mcmaen..that star search guy?..from johnny carson? this a joke?..or wait no it cant be because there was no punch line..oh man..i dont know

  5. it's not a joke!
  6. the star search guuy?....johnny carsons side kick?.."HEEYYOO!"?....THAT ed mcmann? doesnt make sense to my pea sized brain.....?help me someone

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