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Luckiest moment's while stoned?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PermanentlyHigh, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. When I was 14, I had just started smoking weed.
    I was picking up some weed from my dealers house, which I had to walk to.
    It was about 5:00 and I had just finished my 2nd bowl with my dealer when my dad calls and says "Matt, Its getting dark out where are you, Im coming to pick you up."
    I pretty much shit my pants, and told my dad that my friend was waiting to get picked up from coles. (I couldnt tell him where I really was because everyone knew the guy at this house was a dealer)
    So he said he'd see me in 5 minutes at coles.
    Normally, Its a 10 minute walk from where I was to coles, but it was so dark and I was so stoned that I got totally lost. at 5:10 I had no idea where I was, and next thing I no Im running around random streets, I was so scared, haha. I thought my parents were gonna bust me for sure.
    But I was able to find my way to a familiar street, and get on the main rode next to coles. I checked my phone, and it said 5:25. I kept running, and made it to coles at 5:30. The moment I stopped running, my dad pulls into the car park.
    I hopped into the car, and I couldn't believe I made it.
    Then my Dad Said "Matt why do you smell like smoke?"
    I said, oh, I wore these clothes when we werre with grandma and grandad yesterday. That's probably why." He fell for it, and I got away scot free.

    Sorry for the long story, anyone else got a story to share?
  2. Honestly luckiest moment is when im stoned and i hear the door bell ring and its the UPS guy with my new piece i ordered. I felt pretty lucky
  3. sounds like this happened yesterday little guy

    my luckiest moment stoned was getting shot at but not hit, i dodged that shit and vacated O:
  4. one time while toking in the garage late at night, paranoia took over and i decided to go inside and take a break. as i walked in the house my dad comes downstairs and goes into the garage, closes it, and goes back upstairs without saying a word. i think the weed gods were on my side that day :smoke:
  5. Today at work i was offered an oppertunity that could potentially make me a lot of money and pay for my college if it all works outtt :eek:

  6. Haha, I knew someone would say that.
    It was 4 years ago, before my memory went to shit. I have a few other stories, but I have issues remembering them.
    I cant remember anything I do while I'm high. So its pretty much my last "Clear" memory.
  7. Wow, lucky could mean a lot of different things ;)

    But I will be nostalgic and say my luckiest day was back in college. I was at a big party with my girl and a bunch of friends, and the night basically sucked. The girl I was with basically turned into a complete jerk, friends disappeared. Rough night, but then I stumbled upon a table with a group of about 8 people pasing around a bowl.

    My first time! I smoked all night with my new crew. I will never forget that night :)
  8. In a smoke filled bathroom at college on 420, loud ass knock at the door with the words "Housing" being said, everyone flips their shit, its bascially all over now....i go to open the door and it was my dick of a friend trying to be funny
  9. I was at my buddy's house, smoking some weed obviously, we were having fun chilling and my mom said she would pick me up at 6:30 (I got to his house at 3:30). Soon after we got done smoking, we noticed that the weed was so strong that it just gave us huge couch-lock, and made us extremely tired. I was in no shape to be in front of my parents. We went to sleep for about two hours, and I woke up and noticed was about time for me to be picked up, and I thought to myself "oh fuck, I'm still way too high!" and my friend was still practically comatose. So I started counting down to hours, waiting for the high to wear off, and my friend would NOT wake up (I was getting pretty anxious). About 3 hours later I get a call from my mom "MATTHEW, I'M SORRY I FORGOT ALL ABOUT YOU! I'M SENDING YOUR STEPDAD TO PICK YOU UP RIGHT AWAY. I'M SORRY." And he came sure enough about an hour later at 10:00, and my high was completely worn off. Not a very interesting story, but I felt pretty lucky to say the least.

  10. haha, it does

  11. who gives a fuck
  12. When I was in HS the principle called me into his office because I was quite clearly stoned. To make things worse, I had a 1/2 ounce in my backpack (Stupid move, I know).

    I managed to bullshit my way through the ordeal, I said that it was my new meds that spaced me out (Not a total lie :p).

    He didn't seem completely convinced that it was my meds, but he gave me the benefit of the doubt.

    Luckily it was gym so my backpack was in the locker room, had I had my backpack with me at the time he would have searched it.
  13. When I was a freshman, I was in weightlifting football PE class. The coach hated me, because i was quite obviously a stoner. One day, me and 2 of my buddies had to take a piss but our dick coach had closed the bathrooms. So, we snuck out a side door and went to some other bathrooms at the school, and decided to blaze in a little cut on the way. We saw a girl we knew and talked for a few minutes. When we got back, AT MOST 15 minutes later, my friend peeked in the door to make sure the coast was clear. It wasn't, the coach threw open the door and started flipping out at us, cussing us out and everything. He told us we were all kicked off the team during this tirade (which i was kinda happy about), then he called the school security guard who told us to grab our stuff. As we were walking toward the office, the coach yelled "search their backpacks too!" I almost shit my pants because I had like 2.5g in a not secret pocket of my backpack. Heres the lucky part, the security guard goes, "do you guys have weed?" we said no and he said just stay in the office til break starts. We get to the office and the principal says ill talk to you guys in a few minutes, very meanly. The break bell rang right before the principal opened his door. We got the fuck outta there! Sorry for the length. I get carried away.
  14. Once, back in 8th grade I was sent to the office by my art teacher for drawing a HUGE swastika on this kids back cuz he was pissing me off. So I'm kinda scared at the moment cuz I have like 2 grams of weed on me in my top pouch of my backpack along with some cigs. I get in the office to my bitchy assistant principal you then begins to question me and saying I'm going to get suspended and shit. So then she proceeds to ask if I have and swastikas in my backpack.(?) dumb bitch tells me to empty my backpack so I nervously started pulling papers out one by one and she thought it was suspicious. So she calls the school cop in and he stands there looking at me as if I've committed a terrible crime and they watch as I pull my shit out.( btw my backpack was VERY messy and unorganized) I try to keep the top pouch of my backpack hidden so she doesn't catch me and I put my knee on it crushing the bud and cigs. I already have a drug charge from 7th so I didn't want to get caught again. I dump out my backpack and she doesn't find shit so I tell her I was so hesitant to open my backpack because it was so messy and I would be imbarraced. She bought it and I came out with a suspension but no expolsion.

    Sorry if it's long I thought I would share with you guys my story
  15. One time I found a 20 dollar steak n shake gift card that I forgot about.
  16. Luckiest moment was the day after I turned 16, I got caught blazing in the woods by this private school security, was so high I thought they were cops so we didn't even bother running (I know better now). They got our names and shit and two undercover detects showed up. This whole time I had one of those white plastic bags from the apple store, inside I had about a quarter of bud, a scale, my pipe, papers, and numerous lighters. They patted us all down, kept asking me what was in the bag, I just said my wallet/phone, and for some reason either they believed me or just didn't bother fucking me over. I got in the car, got picked up at the po station by my stepmom and kept all my shit. I easily would've been charged with intent to distribute, even tho I really don't deal and just had it in there for some reason (trust me, I'm not this stupid anymore. This was a turning point for me hahaha haven't gotten busted since
  17. talked 2 cops out of arresting us. walked away without a warning and a "gets some febreeze to hide the smell"

  18. How did you do that
  19. almost got caught in a road inspection. me and my friend are stoned and we carry our stash and forgot to hide it in the car panel. he's panicking and when popo ask him fr license, he gave popo his student id. then i told a joke and popo let us thru.
  20. all i remember was trying to figure out where the hell i was going near a campus. there was like 8 turns and they all said dont enter. i looked like a drunk mess because i kept entering one and had to back out and try another. cop pulled out like wtf are you doing. he went to his car and came back and next think i notice is we both are sitting on the curb and car is being searched. one guy is searching and the other guy is standing there and im talking to him.
    like 20 min goes by and im talking to both of them on the curb. then i actually think i got a warning. it was for improperly following traffic signs or something. when the convo ended i was told to find something to cover the smell incase someone else pulls me over..

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