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    2nd grow. goal for this one is:
    Harvest all of the 5 plants
    Get 1g per Watt minimum
    Keep canopy under control and finish under 4ft high.

    setup is:
    Coco perlite. lots of perlite.
    7gal Smart pot, one in 3gal reg pot
    Canna nutes, full line with GO Cal Mag
    4X4X6½ tent,
    600w hps air cool hood, 250w hps built in fixture
    2X400cfm exhaust fans,
    6000btu AC, 35pt dehumidifier
    carbon filter to come...

    the strains:
    2 gorilla glue, 7 weeks from seeds
    2 UK Cheese, 6 weeks fr seeds
    1 Northern Light, 6 weeks as well

    Pre flowering issues:
    Cal Mag deff on one UK Cheese, biggest plant
    Last resort LST on one strechee GG right before flip
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  2. in the dark since yesterday 10pm. Lights on 6am tomorrow!
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  3. lights when on this morning.. Streching will be a problem for at least one Gorilla Glue.
    Rceived today Canna boost and PK 13-14 so I'll start feeding tomorrow with Canna chart.
  4. What a difference since flip! So far I got 2 monsters, one dwarf, a stretcher and more normal one. It's getting tight and I can feel the humidity rise if AC turns off. I have some yellowing on new growth I think its ok because its always greener... the way they grow they might be hungry I'll raise feeding just a lil tomorrow for the 2 Cheese and NL. Bulb is still 2ft away.
    Strecher Goriila Glue with last resort lst attempt WIN_20190816_15_12_05_Pro.jpg
    Dwarf Gorilla Glue lst on main stem and top at node 5 WIN_20190816_15_13_35_Pro.jpg
    Monster UK Cheese plant top at node 4 bet she could fill my tent by herself at the end.. WIN_20190816_15_23_31_Pro.jpg
    the other UK Cheese, top at node 4
    Last one Biggest of all is the Northern Light.. WIN_20190816_15_23_38_Pro.jpg
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    I'm so thrilled got some white air on the Northern Light!!!
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  6. I moved a Cheese girl out in the garden with the tomatoes. So it's now 2 Gorilla Glue 1 UK Cheese and one Northern in the tent. Make much more sense everyone seems happy with the move! WIN_20190822_15_17_30_Pro.jpg WIN_20190822_15_27_53_Pro.jpg
  7. 2 weeks of flowering! Tent is getting full. Way full! Highest top is 46 inches witch is getting close to my cap of 48in. Gonna re-do setup today lollypop braches and make it even. I hope the won't get much bigger! Outside plant is gonna be used for clones. Nutes are flying away. Feeding at 2.5ml each of A+B + cannaboost using about 12-14L a day. Plant are healty as fuck no nute burn no deff and so far not so much smell. Cheers!
  8. If I contimue this way Its an open window for trouble. Getting rid of the AC, making some room on the fuse. Gonna take smaller Gorilla Glue and move it to first grow box before I had a tent. WIN_20190407_15_18_54_Pro.jpg
    Now even with one plant big plant outside I am wall to wall and cannot keep control.
    WIN_20190902_17_01_01_Pro.jpg WIN_20190902_17_00_52_Pro.jpg Every morning I apologize to those beautyfull ladies for such a bad treatment.
  9. in the tent..
    bottom corner is small Gorilla Glue very indica about 2ft tall (standing on a milk box) Right is Northern Light. Front left is huge UK Cheese.
  10. in the closet..
    Did a DIY trellis in last attempt to redirect growth from light bulb. So far so good but 2 inches more and I am fucked.
  11. 26 days from flip. My closet grow is still stretching a little everyday. First option to get a few inches was the trellis. Second was to ''raise'' the hook. I slid some wood block between the hooks and the pole. WIN_20190908_13_27_24_Pro.jpg
    Now I am dropping hours of light of 1h today and one more tomorrow. Maybe she puts energy on budding instead of growing more. I don't expect a huge yield but more some hard sweet nuggets. Last resort would be to take off ''pot raisers'' and let smart pot sit on the floor. Could also make a second trellis and bend branches but really I don't want to fuck her up.
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    WIN_20190908_13_44_34_Pro.jpg The tent grow is getting better. As the weather is getting colder I ditched the air cool hood for a wing type reflector. Feels like there is twice more light. I exhaust just over the wing at minimum speed and keep temps under 80. (this is roof top of tent and 600w hps!) WIN_20190908_14_26_51_Pro.jpg This is gonna save my grow cause the other hood was greatly responsible for massive stretching! Moved the plants the GG is now in the front, behind is the NL and right side is the Cheese. WIN_20190908_13_43_58_Pro.jpg
  13. Really I don't get it when people says plant double to tripple in flowering stage. None of them was higher than 10 inches now again I am getting fuck with 5 footters.
  14. outside the kicked out lady with 3 mains is larger than high. She is the best looking of all 5 and I was ready to get rid of her 3 weeks ago. Gonna get her a nice 600w hps to finish her in the shed with lots of space. WIN_20190908_14_41_27_Pro.jpg
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  15. a month as gone by and slowly getting closer to harvest!
    The main tent with Gorilla Glue, UK Cheese and Northern light under 600whps. Wall to wall with two 6 footers and an Indica. WIN_20191005_09_44_50_Pro.jpg
    GG WIN_20191005_09_51_11_Pro.jpg
    NL WIN_20191005_09_45_28_Pro.jpg Cheese
  16. Closet grow is getting ready! Almost 50% hair getting dark. No signs of amber trichs yet. WIN_20191005_09_51_42_Pro.jpg
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  17. Outdoor Cheese is back inside to finish. Looking good! WIN_20191005_09_53_23_Pro.jpg
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