Luck is on my side I guess

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  1. So this took place when I was on probation and sometimes I laugh at how lucky I have been and here is one specific situation...
    I hadnt smoked in over 5 years and thats all time I was on probation. One day I said fuck it because I knew I had months to clean up and I smoked. Now 5 years ago at that time I had no access to anything above mids let alone wax but now i did.... Two solid months I went and got higher than I have ever been and just having fun. Well bad idea... I got that random phone call and not for a drug test just to come in and for a quick face to face(never happens and I was freaked out thinking I got ratted out by some wild chance) I had 20 days to clean up and I went on a diet(I was skinny but 6"2 and 180lbs max) I came in to see my po forgetting to prepare to dilute my urine so i got real cold realizing im going back to jail for a solid 5+ years this time. She sat me down and and asked "What do I need to know"... "FUCK" I thought. Well, nothing left but to joke at this point and hope this is a bluff so I smiled kinda confused and said "I popped for crack didnt I?" She laughed and confirmed my drug screens were fine. So I then asked nervously about why I was called in. She called me in to ask why I had not informed her on why I was pulled over and cited for illegal window tints... BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! I felt relief and explained I had just bought the car (i did) as it came and I didnt suspect the fact that it was illegal since it was coming from a dealership. She was fine she just asked me to inform her as always of any police run ins and I apologized because I did forget. Now, she asks "since youre here do you think you
    could drop urine for me?" I died inside. I almost ran out of the building because I knew I was dirty as fuck and there were cops outside already and that means somebody is getting arrested soon specially around a probation office. I said I would need a few minutes and BAM, she said "dont worry about it just come back tomorrow." I walked out so upset at myself. I came back the next day with piss so diluted it could pass as water but I needed more time so i figured a dilute negative and a retest is better than a positive. I show up and guess what... Her supervisor is there to just observe how she conducts her visits and now I knew I was hit. We just go over my whole case and this supervisor takes notes. I did my best to contain my anxiety. Well by the end of this way too long visit she said "Alright lets make sure the front is clear" I have never heard her say that so i assumed i was about to get cuffed up. So she called the front and asked if it was clear then hung up and looked at me, pulled out her business card and wrote something down and at this point I was bummed. She handed me the card and it was a date set two months away and said "Come back on this date! Was good to see you, glad youre doing good with the job too!" She walked me out as normal and I still thought when I get to the lobby im gonna get cuffed. Nope. She opened the door for me as usual and said "Dont forget to come back and see me okay?" My reply in a shit tone thinking I was going back "Sure thing." I walked out and stood for a second amd realized I was good to go, no cops and no drug test. She later told me when they have a person being arrested for some violation they have to make sure they have been arrested and removed from the building safely. I guess she forgot to drug test me or she was caught up with the drama up front or maybe she just bluffed me out. I sat in my car confused but happy. I promised myself I would never out myself in a situation like that again because I have never been so scared in my life. I had fucked up royaly on felony probation and had somebody watching over me or all the food karma i had gained over my lifetime cashed out and gave me some extra chips. Who knows but I cleaned up and got out of that situation. I say I laugh not because I feel pride in getting away but because it was such a dumb situation for me to put myself in. In 48 hours I had stressed myself to the point of considering suicide over being a jackass and doing more illegal shit on probation. I laugh about it because Back then I was in rough shape and it took that shitty day for me to go "man this fuckin life isnt for me, its late but its time to stop acting like a damn child." and thats what I did. Just kinda feeling proud of myself. Even though luck was on my side I didnt waste it this time. Got myself a decent full time job, I eat, got good friends and I drive a car I have loved since the first day I saw one as a kid. Most of all im just glad to be alive and doing well. A few years back I didnt think I would make it this far.
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  2. Great story, man, good read and it's been a minute since I've seen one written out this well. Glad it worked out so well in the end, but it sounds like it was rough getting there for sure. Even just the anxiety of something like that possibly happening is bad enough.

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  3. Talk about dodging a bullet man! glad you didn't get locked up lol

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  4. Great write. Thx for sharing

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