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  1. I was just wondering how many of you guys have had lucid dreams. It's one of those topics of interest for me. Before I begin, I'd like to mention I got much of my info from and Wikipedia.

    No, not wet dreams dummy:rolleyes:, I mean lucid dreams. Where you realize you are dreaming and are conscious but still in a dream-like state.

    This has been scientifically proven to be true. So-called "lucid dreamers" have actually communicated with researches while sleeping through a series of specified eye-movements while in a dream state. Some people are just naturally lucid dreamers or have acquired the "skill" apparently through trial and error or as some claim with the help of books, cds, etc. Your supposed to do something called a reality check, like looking at the time repeatedly or your hand. If it changes dramatically, then you know its a dream. You have to be conditioned to automatically do this upon dreaming.

    They say that if you work at it then you can not only realize that you're in a dream, but also control things that happen in the dream. You can control the plot, fulfill fantasies, do things impossible in normal life like flying, seeing atoms of objects, go to any point in time etc. The possibilities are endless. Like the Immaculate virtual reality. You can create a "dreamscape", a psuedo-reality that seems real and you control everything about it. Sometimes it can be more real than reality itself, if you can believe that. This phenonmenon is refered to as hyper-reality. I mean, how the hell do we know that life itself isn't one long dream that we'll finally awaken from one day (Matrix alert!). It really is, just with some boundaries.

    I personally have had this happen to me twice (that I can remember). The first time lasted much longer and I was quite young. Though I realized it was a dream shortly into it, I had little control over what happened and don't really remember it that well. I just remember waking up awe-stricken. It's really a weird feeling.

    The second time was only like a week ago. Lots of unusual things were happening. At first I was in this mountain state park, only to appear near an avenue and a beautiful beach after only a short walk through the woods. For some reason, suspense of disbelief, the phenomenon that normally keeps you from suspecting anything is fishy in a dream when ususual things happen, failed at that moment. So then everything just swirled around and I was still dreaming. But I was staring from above at what appeared to be myself lying down, with a "third eye". No idea what to make of that, but it was creepy. I had no control over it, and I woke up soon anyway.

    I haven't remembered my dreams often until recently when I became interested in them again and devoted some conscious thought to the subject. You can't always remember what exactly happened or specific details, but you always remember that feeling of how real it was. We really shouldn't just ignore them though; we spend a third of our lives in this universe and really should take some time to understand it.

    This kind of reminds me of something weird. Whenever I dream, it seems to always take place at my old house. It's weird, like my dream self knows no boundaries of time or space and recalls certain things from real life yet has no sense of "real life"; the dream is it. Anyway, I can be my age that I am now (which I will decline to share), have things that I have now like my car, yet i'm in the old house. I seem to have some sort of connection to it, even though I didn't like it. Of course all kinds of unusual things happen too and I don't realize its a dream, thanks to suspense of disbelief. It doesn't make sense to me. :confused: I really don't know why I was reminded of this...

    Any thoughts, or is it just a dumbass topic?
  2. i have lucid dreams every day...multiple times every day...its called spacing out. IF you have ever looked at a chalkboard and imagined a past or future event, badda-bing-badda-boom...lucid dream
  3. Hes talking about being able to do whatever you want in your dreams while sleeping. I usually dont get them but when i do its like a minute before i wake up, when i figure out im dreaming, i try to do as much crazy shit as i can.
  4. I used to try to get them, had one briefly but didnt really know what to do until I woke up

    you should check out the movie waking life, a lot of it is about lucid dream
  5. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.
  6. Dreams are the gateway to the soul, I try to keep a dream log, most of the time I don't have time to write it down, so i get bummed out if I forget an awesome/introspective dream.
  7. I think dreams are like echo's of what happens in your day, and your brains way of coping with that information collected. It's like computers (matrix where all your memory is stored collectively, everthing you have done is on file, your brains way of deciphering anything that is usefull is like flushing a toilet; you always have the water, but the crap you learn gets flushed. Sometimes the info is too large for a normal flush and requires extra resources to accomplish it, thus, taking away your normal echo and intensifying it to a point of semi-consiousness and making your dreams seem more real than they are. Cos, your brain is more actively aware of the situation. Saying that, I'm no psychologist, so that is just my opinion.

    Some dreams are mad tho. and it bears thought to how they are pieced together, whether it's a mindscape, or a congestion of knowledge.

    I used to have the dream where I was flying all the time, but I just couldn't get as high as I wanted, you know the one.. Your flying over the hoods of cars and your within grabbing level of the people on the street.. and you can psychially feel yourself trying to climb higher but can't. Tis wierd.

    But yeah, Lucid dreams are very real and bare thought to what they mean.:)
  8. Very deep and I like your thread. I am not much of a lucid-dreamer.

    I swear on my life that I have dreams that seem meaningless at the moment they occur but then days,weeks, and even YEARS later I recall that meaningless dream because of the direct relation between the past dream and what is going on in reality.....

    For example, Lets say I have a dream I am in school where not much is abnormal and I throw my drink in the trash, see my friend at the vending machine, and then watch him drop his drink.

    Then about a month of so later this happens and suddenly I remember that was exactlly what happened in my dream and am in shock. I am in even more shock when the dream is not about something as common as that and it happens.

    I think of different reasons why this happens.

    1. Our dreams can show the future and some can gain control over those dreams and control the future....lucid-dreamers maybe
    2. Coincident
    3. So miniscle of things that it is bound to happen in my dream and in reality.
    4. Another part of life undiscovered

    and much more

    I had to share. Sorry

  9. omg! I'm such a derdy whore!


    Just kidding. I am a lucid dreamer. Big time, I dont always know Im dreaming but I do sometimes and can control my dream..even if I have to reject a portion I dreamt uncontrolled, and purposefully redream it IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE! just kidding on the justice part.

    My dreams are usually kinda fucked up but the visuals and sensations are awesome, I feel everything, smell and taste too and while disturbed when I awake some times I still feel blessed for the journey.
  10. but I also have mild synaesthesia, so that may be why. my wiring is all screwy doods...and its fun!
  11. I always get dreams where I know I am dreaming, and can interact but its hard to gain total control of them. for example one time I was dreaming that i was walking around with friends talking to them. and i could control what i said. but its not like i said KAZAM and i was having an orgy with 100 chicks. it was a lot more subtle. i notice that a lot of times in my dreams i cant see that well. like i can hear and talk and stuff. but im almost blind. i hope thats not a sign of things to come. shit knock on wood
  12. I second that. Waking Life is one of those movies that can change the way you see the world. But about lucid dreams... I had a great one just the other night. I became aware that I was dreaming and immediately had the notion of flying, so I took off into the air. The feeling was truly unique and exhilerating. I remember feeling fear of being so high above the world, and also a freedom never before experienced. Lucid dreaming is something everyone should be attempting, as you can live out your wildest fantasies, consequence free.
  13. i had a lucid dream 2 days ago while taking a 2-hour nap. I find that my dreams are always more vivid and intense after taking a long nap from around 4-7. Also, it seems much easier to remember them.

    My friend was driving and i was in the passenger seat, and out of nowhere, there was this limosine (sp?) skidding and doing 360's mutiple times a lane away from us on the 101-- the local highway. We hit another car, and then i got out..dont really remember the rest, but i was getting chased by cops and then I realized i was dreaming and stopped running, then i just walked away.. bleh forgot the rest. I can still see the navigator limo doing 360s on the highway-- it was definatley one of my funnier dreams :D.

    Have you ever had a conversation with a friend in a dream? I find it amazing how my brain can so accurately mimick other peoples' personalities in my dreams... and when I'm talking with them, i can never "read their mind," even when it's MY brain that is creating their dialouge.

    One more thing-- dream books speak the truth.. it's not all a bunch of BS. I was drunk in a dream once, and sure enough, when i looked up what it meant, it was true. I was thinking about stealing something.

    I'm going to read up more on it.
  14. No lucid dreams for me. But I have experienced OBEs before. Interesting phenomenon.
  15. i used to have them almost nightly....sometimes i can control them and sometimes i usually i just go find a girl (in my dreams there usually isnt one too far away) and go at it. thats the one thing you can control! ive changed the lights on a stop light before and random stuff like that but im used to having the dreams here and there so i just get laid by someone ive never met whether they like it or not!!! just tell them they arent real so they better take it and like it cuz once you aint lookin at em no more, theyre pretty much dead in dream land!! damn im high but yeah funny stuff...the old "pinch myself while im dreaming" thing doesnt work either, your brain can remember sensations youve had in the past and recreate them, so if you get punched in the eye , you might actually feel it a bit......maybe im just special though who like a bugzapper for wierd things
  16. i had a lucid dream in October

    once i realized that it wasn't real (b/c a dead relative was in it) it all went from sepia to full blown colour.. these colours were intense and real (i don't mean tripped out windows media colour visuals).. they just seemed more real, or too real to be true.. i can't really explain it.. i won't go into what the dream was about but it was truly a strange and exciting experience
  17. heh do some research on astral projection. you might have lucid dreams and OBE mixed up.
  18. dude, it isnt dumbass at all. I have a large fascination with dreams. Freud has some weird ass theories about that stuff man. i did this big report on it, some crazy shit came about. its weird in real life when you walk into a room or do something and you think "i HAVE been here before or DONE this before but in reality you really didnt. It is cool to think that you maybe dreamed it happening and by weird coincidence, here it is happening. Perhaps in dreams we can really sometimes see future shit, but our brains havent evolved enough to really contemplate what is going on.

    forgive me if that made no sense, but for now it sounds about right
  19. When I was in my horny, 13-year-old stage, I had one of those dreams and I changed it from a dream about sitting in my room to a dream about me being FuckAlltheLadies Man!
    I flew around the city and fucked chicks, best dream ever... and I controlled all of it... haha
  20. yeah. I was into it, me and my brother both were into it pretty heavy, our friend got us into it years ago. . .I've taken it upon myself to intentionally stop my lucidity, my brother has too. Let me explain.

    Its an absolutely amazing experience where you seem to transcend reality. I have had amazing lucid dreams of flying over ethereal landscapes, have had incredible sex with beautiful women, and have been able to manipulate my dreams to an extent. But this all comes with much practice. At first, the lucid world is going to seem overwhelming and out of your control and much like the reality of our own waking experience where you will think yourself out of the dream and back into reality.

    Which brings me to the next point. . .where there is good, there is also bad.

    There is a very dark, dark, evil side to having the ability to transcend reality through dreams, and nothing can really prepare you for evil or demonic lucid experiences and/or false awakenings. And as you have more experiences and start getting comfortable, that is when the shit happens. You just have to have a strong head and without-a-doubt confidence that you are the sole controller of your dreams and that such entities cannot hurt/manipulate you.

    It is a Pandora's Box in every sense, and is extremely intense at times, it got too intense for me and I made a point to quit it, my brother did too.

    Shamans used to induce lucid dreams to communicate with the dead and go on spiritual journeys with the aid of "power animals" and whatnots, which sort of suggests the level of respect one must have for the experience.

    But hey, if youre really into it, go for it. It certainly is one of the more crazy things Ive ever done, its one wild ride my friend.
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