Lucas Formula in COCO???

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  1. I'm really sorry to pick up a dead thread but I needed to know if the 6 / 9 ratio is for 4.54609 litres (1 Imperial gallon) or 3.78541 litres (1 US Gallon)?

  2. 1 us gallon as far as i know
  3. Anyone still using heads 6-9?

    I'm just starting it.
  4. 5 weeks in using the H3Ad 6/9 seems to be working fine ;)
  5. I started from seed, nutes after 2 weeks started feeding at 2/3 then 4/6 and have been @ 6/9 for at least 3 weeks now. Media is 75/25 CoCo/Perlite :wave: Good Luck!!

  6. 6/9 per how many litres of water?

    also, how often and how much do you feed?
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  7. 6/9 per US gallon. Feeding is whenever I see the top layer dry a bit alot of folks judge by weight of their container. The great thing about CoCo is you cant really overwater just be sure to have proper drainage in your container(at bottom) and water till you see about 10% runoff.
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  8. Check out Hydro Hybrid or Hygro Hybrid on youtube. Can't remember his name.

    He is growing half pound plants in CoCo without even trying with no lights directly over them. He uses GH Flora series all three parts. He adds Calmag and I think he just started using KoolBloom. Thats about it. He feeds it from the exact same Res as his 1+ pound DWC plants.

    He basically says never over-feed your plants, and most people are shoving 1000 PPM of Nutrients at their plants, and the plants are not using it. He never really goes past the mid 600's in PPM when it comes to his nutes.

    He is probably the best grower making videos on youtube right now.
  9. subbed

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  10. Hey guys, hate to revive an old thread but didn't want to start a new one to ask a simple question but I'm about to make my first start in coco after a fail with DWC (don't ask but long story short I got a popcorn nug on a stick)

    I want to know if the new pH Perfect range is suitable for the same basic Lucas Formula in coco

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  11. Once plants get bigger they will need calcium in cococoir substrate

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  12. Why not just use the GH products that the formula is made from?
    Not if you use tap water. I never have to supplement with cal/mag.
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  13. So since I'm using pH tap water I shouldn't need it in flower? Damn that was a waste

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  14. I use tap water and still use calmag. Depends on the strain and what nutes you use. My powdered base includes calcium nitrate. That’s fine in veg, but during flower I drop that dose to 1g per 5 gallons of feed so I have to supplement calcium. I’m going to try the calcium supplement from Aptus nutrients after talking with the rep at the Portland show this weekend. It’s supposed to be much more plant available
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  15. It all depends on your tap water - some growers still have to use some cal/mag. I'm fortunate - my tap water has plenty of calcium and magnesium so I don't need it. Good luck.
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  16. I have some Alaskan naturals cal/mag just in case. Maybe I'll just add a couple drops to each gallon to help support calcium. My other nutes are void of all calciums

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  17. When growing in coco, you should always use coco specific nutes - they contain more calcium and magnesium. :)
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  18. I believe that the recommended 6 ml Micro and 9 ml Bloom is too hot.
    When I used GH Flora I did not use Grow at all, and was using 2 ml Micro and 3 ml Bloom in veg and 4 ml Micro and 6 ml Bloom in flower.
    Less is More!
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  19. Do you mix it in a 1 gal milk jug, cause I do.

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