Lucas Formula in COCO???

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  1. I have a quick question guys and gals... For those that use the lucas formula can you pleas chime in...

    I'm currently growing in coco and just switched to a full lucas formula...
    I want to know do you guys follow the coco lucas formula of 6ml of micro and 9 ml of bloom or do you go with the straight 8 and 16???
    Thanks a bunch...
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    No info?
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  3. Thanks a lot buddy. I've read that thread many times along with h3ad's journal. I wanted to see if anyone else had some personal experience with this method. But that sounds like a good starting point!
  4. i grow in coco and use coco specific nutes for the most part. in early veg i use pure blend. then i switch to house and garden coco nutes. when i use p.b. i amend with epsom salt once a week.
  5. I use the 6/9 too and add 2ml calmag. it works great for me.
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  6. Thanks a bunch for the info guys. I will be starting with the h3ad formula with 6/9 (good number) and some epsom salt. :)
  7. good idea. i just started using the h3ad formula (with AN's new jungle juice micro/bloom) a couple days ago. all my plants are looking stellar thus far. i was using AN sensi a/b and/or H&G coco line, but im tired of dickin w/ all the additives and spending alotta cash on the stuff. if i can get great results like ive watched other people get using this formula, ill prolly stick w/ it for a long long time. best of luck to you bro
  8. I can say with one hundred percent confidence that the head Lucas formula is the easiest way to go and is very effective. However I found that the epsom salts were a waste so I use cal mag. I have tailored the recipe to my own needs, and also add enggys h-2 humic acid, silicon from botanicare, earth juice catalyst for natural ph down, ej micro blast and horticultural h2o2. So, I have gone away from the easy side of things. You can get by without all the added just fine, but I would recommend cal mag and ph down.
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  9. i was going to try out the Lucas Formula for coco the Micro, Bloom one (i guess its the H3ad formula?...69 i get it) but i had a few questions about the order to mix them in when it comes to the cal-mag and micro. i know u always mix micro first on a 3-part line but i have only used a 3-part line a few times and never in coco or with cal-mag. the guy at the hydro store told me always to mix cal-mag first cuz its something like the Ca locks out the P if u add it after the Base Nutes or a Additive high in P, but im not a 100% sure. the last year or so i have hand water my coco with Cal-mag around 150ppm-200ppm and then about 500ppm-800pm of Nova Bloom and the way too many additives in the middle. im in the middle of making a drip system so i will have to run a reservoir and i have never keep one before so i wanted to run the 3-part cuz i heard the Nova settles to the bottom but im not sure of that either. anyways i was gonna mix 1-2ml Cal-mag and then 6ml Micro then 9ml Bloom per gallon in that order i use RO water around 16-25ppm. anyway here's my questions:

    1) if u use the H3ad Formula with Cal-Mag what order do u mix them in?

    2) Feedback on Keeping Nova Bloom in a reservoir and using the Nova Lucas Formula in Coco?

    3)What is the recommend pH for the Lucas Formula in Coco for Veg and Flower?
  10. 1. I usually mix the micro and bloom first then add the rest one at a time. Always mix your nutes one at a time.
    2. I think the nova is thicker? If it is it may funk up ur reservoir, but I haven't used it.
    3. 5.8
  11. is there a modifed Nova Lucas Formula for Coco? like the original Lucas Formula has the 6/9 with a little cal-mag for coco.
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  12. Well i just found the cannastats Calculater! i have been doin some research and have been tryin to understand my nutrients mix better. with that being said i have been working on new mix so far it is made up of this: Cal-mag 5ml/per Gal, Roots Excel 1.1ml per Gal, Nova Bloom 5ml/per Gal=

    N 114
    P 69
    k 117
    Mg 58
    S 40
    Ca 90

    Please Note: i have not done the TDS at .7 convertion at ML or Gram per gallon test for the ppm so the ML per Gal might be a little inaccurate but these are the numbers im shooting for.

    1) how can i find out my ppms of K is in my canna coco medium?

    2) Should i up my Mg , S, Ca to around:

    Mg 70
    S 60
    Ca 100
    If so what product would up these but not up the N i know epson salt ups the Mg and S but im a little concered with the extra salts i would be adding.

    3) or should i just run with it and pay close attention for any Mg,S or Ca deficiencies
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    I have been trying to develop a new coco formula i have based it off of H3ads fromula and as well and bounty24's. any input or feedback would be much appreciated thanks

  14. as far as i know H3ad doesnt use epsom salt anymore. i think the mico or the bloom not sure which one, has enough mg and ca. check out his thread over at ICmag..... H3ad goes coco. im using his formula (6/9) in veg along w/ either 5 or 10ml of bioroot. in flower i use the 6/9+ bud candy, big bud, nirvana, overdrive. dont ask me any numbers though, i dont get all scientific about any of this
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    here are a couple shots of my flower tent. im having no issues thus far throwing in a few things from AN. some are only a week in and others are about 2. theres 10 ladies jammed in there...........enjoi

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  16. Becuase of this thread I started useing the Lucas 6/9 with CM plus and is has turned my plants from sick to monster bushes. one or two are still having CM problems but there are diffrent strains from the rest. Still trying to dail them in. so right now I am useing AN recovery every time I try some thing new and fail. AN recovery seems to be the reset button. A good flush and feed for a couple of days withAN revodery and start over. here are some before link to thread.
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    So far my plants are loving the 6/9 plus Epsom salt (the head formula). I have just started usingq distilled water and have seen an improvement in growth vs using tap water. Check out my sweetness grow in my sig.
  18. if i remember right H3ad doesnt use epsom salt anymore. i think he found there was enough mg in the micro or bloom, cant remember which. H3ad goes Coco - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums here is a link to an amazing thread. theres a ton to read but suck it up and do it if you want some good info
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    I use the Mel Frank N-P-K-Mg I read about here with Botanicare nutes. I use this from start to finish of flowering, I just drop the Grow in week 5-6 and replace with some extra Bloom. This mix gives me 1.8-2.0 EC and I mic at 5.6-5.7 pH. Usually when it sits in the res., it raises a little over time. So when I feed each day the pH is a little higher.

    PBP Soil Bloom....12.5 mL/G
    PBP Grow................5 mL/G
    Liquid Karma...........5 mL/G
    Cal-Mag+.............2.5 mL/G
    Sweet.....................5 mL/G

    The calculator gives these ppms.


    I was having yellowing and other plant problems until I started using this mix. My mix was out of whack and they were getting lockout. Knowing what goes into your soil really helps narrow down plant issues when they show up.

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