Lucas Formula in COCO???

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  1. 6/9 @ 5.8 all the way! I get great results! I occasionally add a few ml of calmag for demanding strains, but 6/9 satisfies 90%. straight cocotek redbrick presoaked in calmag.

    I highly recommend that h3ad link above from 'tothehead'
  2. im running the new AN jungle juice @ 6/9 w/ a few of their additives in flower and im having great results. the thing i like most is a gallon of micro and bloom are $43 for the pair where im at.
  3. yeah i am using 6/9 also and i love it. Plants look amazing.
    My problem is just knowing when to drop the micro since i am a new grower and i started straight in coco.

    And is it really important to flush the last 3 weeks? And no nutes at all?
    What about bloom boosters, anyone using them? (and what do you mix) I am mixing a bit of top max and i am planning to use Molasses and cha ching.

    What do you guys think about this?

  4. I usually hit em with strong nutes @ week 5..hit em with 0/9 @ week 6, and straight ph'd water the last 2 weeks..I really think a gooood flush is necessary to help with flavor and bring out some nice colors and swelling.
    It's still good with no flush, but imo when the colors come out, so do the flavors.

    edit: most my strains are 8 weeks and they get run like that.
  5. 6/9, supplement with calmag as needed, EJ catalyst, last two weeks Hi-Brix molasses and water only. I have fed bloom up until harvest, straight ph'd water, and molasses. Ive tried koolbloom boost (REZDOGs additive, search at icmag), which I think contributed to hermi's. Ive tried hydroplex bloom enhancer, sweet from botanicare. Hard to tell if the boosters helped during the first 6-7 weeks of flower, the molasses is simple and effective at the end. Here's what I have now.

  6. and do you guys catch the runoff or you let it stay?
  7. I remove runoff from my tray.
  8. remove that shit. unless you wanna make friends w/ fungus gnats
  9. looks like I was one of the last on the 6/9 bandwagon. Good results with the h3ad formula. I might have to use that nutrient claculator so I can use all of my non general hydroponics nutrients...
  10. I remove runoff unless the plants are drinking heavily and will be bone dry the next day (hand watering) that case I leave a little runoff for it to soak up till next feeding.
  11. i read through about 30 pages or so on the IC forum on that thread and head talks about how he had stopped using Epson salt cuz he ran out of it then he noticed there what no difference in growth without out using it . i was also reading how he cuts out the Micro around 4 or 5 weeks (depending on strain) and just runs 9 bloom and he seems to get a lot better flush this way with all the leaves yellowing out real nice at the end. because by then H3ad stated that the plants have enough of N, Mg, Ca, S stored up in its cells and the medium (coco in our case) is also stored with these elements and released by the CEC over time. so i assume by cutting off the micro two weeks before u start a 3 weeks flush gives the plant enough time to use up all the excess Micro and N so u get much cleaner smoke, better tasting, and better aroma but he does say u loss about 10% yield.
  12. very very good points from H3ads thread. i run a little bit of bloom booster here and there throughout flower to make up for that "10% yield loss" he speaks of.
  13. so i have run h3ad's ro 6-9+2.5 calmag for about a month and im having pretty good luck, i was wondering what ur guy's run off looks like ph wise? i know the runoff ph doesnt matter in coco but mine is 5.8, same as i put in(i hand water once a day, cocotek coco and 1 gal fabric pots) i get about 10 percent runoff i thought it was susposed to be alot higher..
  14. nah your good dude. dont worry about the ph coming out of the pots. i use the same coco as you and the same pots as well. your on the right track
  15. ^^ I agree... I use all the same stuff and I've never checked PH...I also run about 10% runoff, and I don't wait till they're dry to water....I do use the redbrick though which holds much more air.

    I've learned 99% of what I know about coco from the h3ad goes coco thread at IC... I've written down a sort of guide if anyone wants to check it out, it's in my thread, here.

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    i am using lucas formula in coco and i am really happy.
    Using 6 micro / 9 flora with a 250 hps.

    Now i bought GHE Ripen and GHE Diamond Nectar.

    Any ideas how i should use this? And should i get any bloom booster?

    thanks guys!
  17. Neverrr!!!
    jk, you can add additives but the h3ad formula is pretty setup imo. If you follow the nutrient calculator the h3ad formula is locked in fairly well. Your plants may want more P or K at certain stages but the h3ad formula comes quite close. A person really has no exact idea when his/her plants need that boost in P/K. People claim that the plants need the boost when they hit that mid flower swell???? But im no expert so I just stick with the standard 6/9 and it has treated me quite well.
  18. My pH only fluctuates if a plant drinks too quick and the pot dries out a little. It is pretty much necessary to keep the coco wet all the time. I like to transpant as soon as I have to water more than once a day, because once it starts to get a little dry, you will have small lockout issues that can lead to larger problems if not remedied by watering more often or transpanting. Dry coco medium will burn some leaves and cause brown spots that look like Mg def.
  19. Lucas formula is actually based on soil and has too much P and K for coco. You are using H3ad's modified formula.

    What is Lucas Formula, and how do I use it?

    Knowledge is power
  20. Actually the lucas formula is based on hydroponics, but the head 6/9 lucas formula is specific to the needs of coco. Maybe you should make sure you know what you are talking about before you start telling someone else they are wrong. Did you even read the link you put up, it tells you right on it.

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