LSU goes down!

Discussion in 'General' started by chronictoker, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Triple OT to Arkansas. That means the Buckeyes can finish no lower than 3rd in the BCS.

    good shit.
  2. With no unanimous #1 all I gotta say is good luck to every team out there. Who the hell knows who is gunna end up in the BCS championship.. your guys guess is as good as mine. It better not be Kansas though.. cause they have played no team within the Top 20 all season...that would just be some BS.
  3. WVU's in if they win out and if that happens, i'll be heading down to New Orleans January 7th.
  4. Just watched this game, and all I can say is: D-Mac to the pats!
  5. If the Dolphins passed up on McFadden I will personally walk down to Miami and bitch slap Wayne Huizenga across his fat face
  6. lol i heard they were taking GLENN DORSEY the DT for, speak of the devil LSU.
  7. Hellz yea..lets call dem HOGS!!!!
  8. That loss pissed me off more than Bama losing to ULM. I wanted someone in the SEC to win the national title....but noooo....fuckin LSU had to lose.
  9. GO SOONERS! lol.

    If Ohio State goes to the Championship I will shit my pants. Honestly, we don't deserve it considering our schedule and loss to illinois.

    An SEC team probably does deserve to be in it, and maybe a PAC-10 team.

    I think we can all agree that a playoff system is the only way to determine a true number one.

    eh, whatever. down with Mizzou! Daniel looked fucking good the other night. Heisman good. He's not as flashy as McFadden, but he's solid.

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