LSTing other than main shoot?

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of training the lower nodes outward to find more light? Or is LSTing only used on the main shoot to even out the canopy?
  2. You bend the main over then the others will kinda spread out, then you pull them down as well. Then they will all get big cola buds. Even the bottom branches. Keep doing it till the final weeks. I try to keep everything level so every bud is getting the same strength of light.[​IMG]

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    I think im currently doing what ur talking about....check it out.

    Center is hollow from topping at the 6th node. I trimmed most undergrowth in veg stage (wish i had pictures). The nodes were mostly bare going into flower...havent trimmed a thing sense flowering. I mostly did bending and opening small leaves to keep node spacing as small as possible. You can tell where the nodes have bulged from daily bending. 3 week seedling, 6 week veg, on 4th in flower. Meant to have 2 plants side by side in my 2'x4' tent but 2nd plant was a male.

    1503277203811829748074.jpg 1503277288248938067467.jpg
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  4. Yes that is exactly what i was wondering thanks so much!! Just wanted to make sure i wasnt doing something that shouldnt be done :passing-joint:
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  5. I tried my best to space out all the branches in a unified spaced circle; you can tell the kolas are in a pretty good circle. I think it worked fairly measures 18" atm from the soil
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  6. Is this to aggresive do you think? Or will it even out alright ive just tied it like 2 hours ago

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  7. Ive found that these plants are very strong and resilient. As long as your not cracking anything you can basically bend it however you want and it learns the position pretty well.

    Id say your good to go there
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  8. Awesome thanks man hope your harvest goes well :D:D
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  9. There's no rules in training. Train any shoot you want or remove it. It's your own bonsai tree. I always train the best secondary shoots the opposite side as the main when I'm LSTin.
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