LSTd tomato plant

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  1. No one I know cares or would appreciate it so I figured is share it here for some of you who want to know the benefits of low stress training.
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    I've gotton about 15 so far. She's about 15" tall.
  2. Next year you should SCROG it!
  3. I was thinking that the other day!! Is that where using screens came from? Like places that mass produce tomatoes? They have to be using a screen method right? Maybe way off on that but why wouldn't they
  4. I saw a TV show on commercial tomatoes farms once. They were going hydroponically. The plants are set in long lines in a greenhouse with the roots in a trough. As fruit was harvested from the bottom of the plant, they would strip the leaves and coil the stem in a pile at the base of the plant bringing newer growth (with green fruit) down to eye level/arms reach, so it could be harvested when it was ripe. This would repeat week after week. They would end up with 50-100 feet of tomato plant vine in the coil by the time the plant began to produce less. Then they would cut it out and insert a new cutting in its place.
    The obvious difference between tomatoes and mj is tomatoes don't have a veg/fruit cycle.

    But...a scrog should work on tomatoes. It opens the canopy, allowing more light and airflow to the leaves, and also triggers certain growth hormone levels to increase. The only problem is mj stops growing as the buds ripen. Tomatoes keep growing, so it would be more work to keep it from becoming a tangled mess.
  5. I thought the title said Lsd tomatoes, it does not.

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