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  1. what is LST(low stress training)

    i know it involves tying the plant to make it shorter...but how do you do it...and could it be risky to the plant's health?
  2. you basically tie down any new growing shoots. if you look in my l.o.t.c thread, you can see how i lst my plants. its my favorite way to grow, you conserve on a lot of top room. if you let these babies go unchecked, they will grow out of control. by tying the plants down, you allow light to penetrate the lower canopy getting light down to those lower shoots which will grow to try over take the mainstem. all these new shoots benifit you. more grow points = more bud. even canopy, maximum light absorbtion, maximum bud production
  3. I pull the larger colas down, effectivly increasing growth auzins to lower colas evening out the canopy for maixmum light effeciency.

    Normaly this trining can slowly be worked onto the plant around week 2-3 veg in soil from seed. start by bending the plant over at a 90deg angle using one string to hold the stem upright. Then a string or rubberband on the oposite side to hold the plant down. After a week or two of that you tie down the larger growth until its all even. you have to keep training. Scrog is much nicer though, using the scrren to train your plants requires no adjusting of strings ect. You just keep moving the larger taller growth tips growing above the screen an inch or so over a box or two away from the base of the plant effectivly moving the cola lower. you only need ot scrog train for veg a bit and early flower stretch depending n your growstyle. Like how many plants per foot of screen and the light wattage. 1plant per foot is a good arean but for legal reasons some have used lesss per foor with a sacrifice of longer veg time and more training. Not to say the yield isnt any good with a long veg, most ties there amazing. But you'd get more total bud to smoke after some time on the setup if you did quciker tightly spaced grows.
  4. so where do i bend the plant(inches)
  5. Start with the top string abotu 1" below the top node and the second brace string about 1-2" above the soil.

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