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    Is this good for LST? Also any answers as to why my stalks are so thin and flimsy? It's 3 weeks old from sprout I have 2 clip on fans for a constant breeze blowing over the medium.

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  2. Tha looks too low and soil too dry. It's deff small for 3 weeks.

    On LST you would also want to anchor your stalk in center to keep it straight so root zone doesn't get impacted.

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  3. Well I watered yesterday and being in an oversized pot I'd risk overwatering if I soaked the whole medium right? Correct me if I'm wrong. I always thought it was small for three weeks my first plant was like that but then bulked up in month two of veg and ended up being male. I keep my light a foot away from the canopy should I move it closer?

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