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Lst vs training

Discussion in 'Advanced Growing Techniques' started by ihoops702, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. I have been reading a lot here on gc and other forums. One thing I constantly see is people confusing true training for low stress training (Lst) Lst is where you barely bend the plant one way a day enough to where it limps to that side. Thru the day it corrects itself. Next day bend other direction. Repeat for bushy growth. Now what I see people calling lst they tie down there plant and make it grow that direction, folks that's 100% full training. I'm not saying it's bad but it gets confusing when people say Lst and the plant is basically glued to the ground. Key difference is low stress vs forcing the plant to grow a certain direction
  2. I disagree. I don't understand the distinction you are drawing between LST and "full training." No one ever said that LST isn't training -- it's what the "T" stands for, after all. Tying the plant down is training, and it is low stress. You can do it more aggressively or less, but if you are tying your plant down then it's LST.
  3. i see your point and i agree with toasty, IMO the low stress part comes into play, even with tying down, because your not pruning topping or hacking away to acheive structured growth.
  4. true low stress training you DO NOT tie you plant down. you only bend until plant leans that direction than corrects its self. you get the same exact results faster with LESS STESS than tying down. I have over 12 tops. true training has less stress than pruning but more than true lst. im just trying to help guys. and yes tying down you plant is stressful. thats why it takes a plant almost a week to change growth patern to new tops when tied down
  5. It doesn't take a week. They respond way faster than that.
  6. ihoops, we're not trying to bust your chops, but when someone comes on and makes a claim that contradicts the general knowledge and consensus on this and other grow websites, then it begs to be challenged.

    I'll ask for references you could point to for the information you are putting forth.

    As for references to the contrary, there are several sticky threads here at GC on the topic of LST, written by very experienced growers, made into stickies by experienced grower moderators, and all of those threads give tutorials on how to LST, and all of those lessons involve tying down the plant one way or another. And many, many more non-sticky threads with discussions among many experienced growers specifically about LST, all of them involving tying the plant down. Even you pointed out how much you see this one side of the coin in discussions here. And this is just one of many grow sites where the same kinds of discussions and tutorials can be found.

    So I for one am a little skeptical of what you are saying, but I keep an open mind and so want to find out any reliable sources you can point to that back up your claim/explanation.
  7. A week? Mine took 5 hours? Clearly not a week
  8. Not trying to be a dick btw

  9. My thoughts exactly. Any references, sources?

  10. Please don't confuse yourself anymore than what you are. LST is training the plant. No matter how you word it, lightly bending the plant to achieve a desired shape is the same as tieing it down. Cannabis cultivators for years have passed this knowledge down without and mis-interpertations. Clearly you mis-interpreted the info.
  11. Yeah, mine took less than 24 hours to change... As far as topping, that took close to a week for the new tops to get going strong... but LST is Low Stress TRAINING. Not sure what's not clear about that.
  12. I think this post was a misunderstanding and I personally think it should be removed. Granted its talking about a advanced growing technic however I think it is useless and is a waste of space. No offense to who started it.

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