LST PPP advice?

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  1. sup everyone...

    i ordered pure power plant feminized seeds directly from the nirvana site...

    i plan on doing an attic grow. lights and all that other stuff aside, this plant is known for growing a would doing an LST keep the plant smaller ( including width )

    i dont really want to do SOG for this plant because it has such great growing potential...but any advice from anyone whos maybe grown this strain before would be greatly appreciated

  2. Your trying mission impossible, PPP is one of the fastest most vigerous growing plants out there, LST will work perfect for you, but saying you want to keep it low and narrow i dunno about :)

    Height wise yes, width, i dont know :) the plant already goes crazy on its own when you apply LST it really goes crazy and grows even faster, I personally used a 25 gallon pot on the one LST PPP plant i had and by the end it was about 3 to 4 feed in diameter and after flowering about 3 feet high.

    I guess you could try to restrain it from growing by keeping it in a smaller pot, but then of coz you will run into root bound plant, which hampers flowering.

    If you want to keep a small plant i think you need to rethink using PPP, or veg it for very short time only.
  3. hey man, thanks for the info.

    maybe if i explain my setup a little better u might be able to give a lil more advice as how to approach it

    im gonna have either 1 or 2 100watt hps lights with 160watts of fluorescent tubes on either side.

    i also have other seeds coming in that will be grown of course, but would it be wise to get larger pots for PPP in order to grow a shitload of that while using SOG for the other strains?

    also, how long did u veg that plant for, because to me 3 feet is usually about 2 months for some strains, but from your description it seems it grew very very fast.

    thanks again
  4. SCROG probably? or just LST the shit out of it :) only thing i can think of...
  5. SCROG could be an option..,

    what ill probably end up doing is growing some master kush that i ordered ( according to description its an easy grow good for beginners ) to get som eexperience

    once thats all harvested and the growroom is clear of magical herb plants, ill prolly try doing like 4 PPP SCROG style and just have them grow gigantic

    on sort of off topic question > is PPP potent ( inferring i treat the plant well and have proper watering, heat, light, nutes, no rootbound, etc; )
  6. here some pictures start to finish with PPP lst...

    First picture is from clone starting the LST
    Next pic is 2 weeks into veg
    Last pic is 1 week into flowering

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  7. PS thats the huge contravercial (sp) Pruned to death plant that got stunted coz i pruned it ;) LOL.
  8. one word... WOW.

    that plant is gigantic

    would you mind describing what lights you used and what yield you got / how good the high was?
  9. Just under a pound.... Veg was under 5 2bulb flourescents, flowered under 2 1000 watt hps.

    25 gallon pot (the ones for coconut trees)
  10. clearly the 2000 watts of hps has a lot to do with that...
  11. I would agree with you but seeing that it was the biggest plant, it stayed on the outskirts of the other plants only getting the very edge of the limits of the light, i can gaurantee if i had a light meter it was maybe getting the equivalent light intensity of maybe just 250 Watts.

    I had no choice but to keep it on the outside as all the other plants would have to stretch to the light.

    Plus its size has nothign to do with the 2000Watts as it was vegged completely under flourescents.
  12. how much total watts of flourescents? and how long vegging? seems like it would been a long, looooong time
  13. 5 shop lights 4 ft long nested next to eachother.

    40 watts per bulb 10 bulbs at 3050 lumens each for total of 400Watts / 30,500 lumens. (GE Daylight Bulbs)

    Acutally if you ask me, it grew faster than with MH. reason is Flourescents allow the plant to stretch a little while MH, keeps it short and bushy. my goal was to get many many branches so i did it the fastest way possible which was with flourescents.

    I did LST under MH and it takes forever compared to under flourescents sitting 1 inch away.
  14. oh sorry vegged it for 6 weeks from clone. (until i outgrew the 25 gallon pot)
  15. So would this strain be good for a quick hydro, 3 weeks veg? I'm planning on keeping this strain under a foot and a half
  16. bro i am sure if u tie and tie it will be all good i have 2 fem nirvana bubblicious under a 250 hps. i keep them in 1 and a half or 2 gallon pots! they r bigger than my bag seed grows but thw bigger the more nugs!!! i LST'd heres the pix at like 17 days flower or so
  17. "mmmm cuntie" -KOAM Hah

    But if you bought a plant that is known for growing, then man, let 'er grow!!!!

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