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  1. On my previous grow I used fishing line and fishing weights just heavy enough to pull the plant down (I didnt even let the weight touch the ground.) Worked best for me! I just wanted to know ne other methods u guys use.
  2. What was the average weight in pounds per branch? Did you keep the weights on for the entire vegetative stage and did the weight hold after the branch grew more?
  3. about 4oz a branch with fimming and yes i left it one till flowering although ive heard thats the wrong way
  4. I just tie mine down, the whole plant, with garden twine.
  5. how long do u need the strings on?
  6. a long time... until your plant naturallly grows that way. then u tie em down tighter
  7. ive got about 10, 2 foot tall plants with about 8 nodes each. They are called DD CAT PEE, has ne1 heard of this? is it any good? they have been growing inside under hydro lights for about 2 months with 18/6 and I'm having to move them outside, will they produce bud? The light cycle in B.C. right now is 14:30h sun / 9:30h dark. When should I expect it to fully mature before the light cycle moves back to veg.
  8. Reducing the amount of light from 18 hours to 14:30will be a sudden drop, it may very well trigger flowering, which will be a shame if the plants are still small.
  9. true dat

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