LST (Low Stress Training)

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  2. Your pics are a bit dark, but from what I can tell your plant looks just fine. All you're doing is tying down limbs to open up the inside of the plant to more light. Just be careful not to bend or stress the limbs too much when you tie them down. But if something happens and you happen to break one by accident, you can duct tape those suckers back together and they'll heal up and continue to grow. These plants are very hardy and you can do pretty much anything you want to with them or to them while they're in veg, but things get a little riskier once you're into flower. Some strains are just very sensitive to stress and go nuts if you trim off the larger leaves, etc. So do all your pruning while you're vegging the plant. Honestly, I believe your plant could use a repot into a slightly larger container and some fresh soil. I have no idea how long it's been in this container, but when the plant itself becomes larger than the container it's in (wider and taller than), that's usually a good sign that it needs a new one and fresh batch of soil. By using quality soil and smart potting, you can get through veg without adding nutes. But that depends on the soil you use. Formulated grow soils are packed full of just what the plant needs and will feed your plant for quite a while. These are such fast cycling plants that you can let the soil work for you instead of you working on it. But looks like you've done pretty well so far. Give her a little bit larger pot and some fresh soil and she'll perk up and that pretty blue/green again. Looks like it's probably nute deficient because it's outgrown the pot and used up the nutes in the original soil. When you repot one, until it gets it's root system in place, there is always a period of time that it seems as if the plant isn't growing. It's just doing it's roots and once it's happy with those, you'll see new growth start to put on and the plant will start to use some water. Just always give them time to root in and never give water or feed until your plant is sufficiently dried out. They hate moist roots and that's why we all use so much perlite in our soil mixes. This lets the plant grab what it wants and the rest drain through. Hope it finishes off well for you. TWW
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  3. Thank you for your response, I had these in this pot for about 3 weeks now and planning on buying a bigger smartpot (either 25 or 100 still thinking.) In maybe 2 weeks. And I've just fed the lady. Sorry for the dark picture I just took them haha :p I have on mistake split one stem while trying to LST and put a bandaid on it and so far still looks like its doing good. I have another question, when the nodes start shooting up and start growing I find difficulty in tying those down because I at times find it blocking other nodes. Any tips on how to fix this problem ?
  4. One tip for LST in fabric pots like that is to use the green plant tie Velcro. You can get it at home depot, I think its like 45 ft for $3. It is very handy for tying branches down to fabric pots because the Velcro will stick to the fabric pot. As far as the new growth that shoots up when you tie a new branch down...Is your plan to Scrog this plant? If so, I'd say it looks like its about ready to put under a screen. When you do that, you can just start tucking branches under the screen instead of having to tie everything down.

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