LST- low stress training advice plzz

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  1. Hey what up ppl

    I just planted my seeds and im gonna be trying lst on this run
    ive been trying to research and watch videos on it and im trying
    to find the best way to tie or whatever to the plant. Ive also saw
    on some videos like a knot on the steam of the plant where
    the ppl have bent the plant that has to be bad for it right? So I
    guess if you guys have experience with this i kno theres alot of
    you out there :p

    Thanks .... i love this site
  2. I used paperclips worked fine remove the paperclip as the branch grows or the paper clip gets absorbed. Put the clip at each knot
  3. R u supposed to take everything thats holding the plant down off or is safe for string or a metal pin to stay on untill harvest ??
  4. I had a paper clip stuck in my branch but everything turned out fine that time but I'm sure it can get infection there where it cuts in
  5. The string I never tried though but seen it work
  6. Pipe cleaners. The green fuzzy bendable little pieces of metal. Their in the craft section at wal mart. Their super safe for the plants because of the fuzz giving it some cushion so it doesn't cut it so bad. Extremely easy to reposition as they grow as well.
  7. II heard about pipe cleaners too do they have to be removed at a certain point??
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    Super crop way better IMO no wire and string just pinch and let it fall over in 24 hrs back up straight and level with the canopy


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  9. But doesnt bending it cause those knots n i heard that really stresses them out

  10. Nah, I remove my strings halfway through flower. By the end of flower they begin to sag from weight. Check out my journal for an example.

  11. I wouldn't stick anything threw. I did a couple different things. My first grow in buckets I just got string, and drilled holes in various places on the 5gal bucket on top to loop the string through. All I did with those was run the string in the hole in the bucket, loop it around the branch I wanted to LST, then tie the rope tight so it pulls the branch. That way it won't cut the branch. Don't look the branch close. Especially when it's young because as it grows if the string doesn't have room to move it will choke the branch and even cut right through it. That's why I just looped around it instead of tying anything directly to it. This time in DWC totes I don't have holes I can put string so I've been using little pieces of duck tape to pull the branches down.

  12. lol. Yeah, it's kinda funny. The first part of growing the plant you're trying to tie it down, the second part of growing you have to tie it up to hold up the buds. lol.

  13. lol, bamboo stakes for the finish!! :smoking:
  14. Haha thanks guys n another question what are good extra stuff to give it for flowering im going to be giving the fox farm trio im trying to grow the dankest bud possible with good yeild quality is much more important but still ya kno lol thank god for this web site

  15. + Organics :D

  16. Just note that Molasses is only for soil. I don't know much about nutrients yet. I used a free sample of Atami Bloombastic that I got and it did pretty good. I don't have anything to compare it to though. This time I got a whole sampler kit from House and Gardens that I'm interested to see how they do. So far they've been good. They have a lot of things for flowering though. I love LST and topping though.
  17. Yea im only doin soil till i can grow some dank before i start f*in with hydro stuff
  18. I agree. Also any floral wire that is coated works very well and can be bought at michaels arts and crafts or ac Moore in the floral accessories department. They work very well and are fairly sturdy

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  19. Well they sprouted a couple days ago the process of life is so amazing lol cant wait till harvest timeeeee

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