lst jack herer week2....what u think

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  1. okay here's the week 2 pics i been posting about....what u think

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  2. I'm no pro but it looks like they are nitrogen starved..... Maybe some one else can confirm.......
  3. thats the cam and 1000w the eye all green
  4. damn i just started growing but these are some nice looking plants if you ask me. ill be sure to subscribe and stay informed on these beasts
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    lookin nice but IDK can't see too much of a nute def. really.... unless it's the growing tips you refer to? they do look ready for a feeding but not like a larger feed you would use to correct a deficiency. I agree you'll get what you put into it. and from my experience with a seattle based version of the herrer.... It's a bit sensitive to negative stress (bugs, nute issues) but responds wonderfully to LST. as i remember didnt branch out so much but I think it will develop great with what you've done there with the twine there. Was a real spicy, and real resinous plant as I remember.
  6. thanks for growing in 3gal pots and my plan was to circle the inside of the pots but they've responded so well to the LST im going in2 flower sunday to equal a 3 week veg...(no more room)and so far ive added only ph balanced water to the fox farm ocean forest soil they're in...i plan on only using vf-11 as my nitro and food source during flowering stage..(jack herer can be very nute sensitive and this vf-11 works sensitive wonders) next pics sunday stay tuned....LETS LEARN TOGETHER!!!...i mean, thats what these forums are all about....and thanks again for time i'll take pics b4 i cut light back on and the cameras flash will give the actual color of my babies
  7. nice silas so do you think you'll circle the pot or just grow em out 'as is'?

    do you have a veg area setup for a prepetual grow?
  8. ive just 2nite repositioned my anchors so ima let them stretch until they're curved up again..(way b4 sunday)...i say sunday just because i want atleast a 3week veg with the jack's...i really cant wait til this pics and a light cycle switch...going to be a great day....
  9. and no i dont....

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