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  1. I'm about to get a tab of LSD and since it's my first time I just had a question. How long does it take for all of the lsd on the blotter to be absorbed into your system?
  2. it takes about 30 minutes to start feeling it. Expect to start giggling at first for no reason at all. Be prepared to trip for around 8 hours... and dont expect to sleep
  3. I actually wanted to know how long you need to keep the blotter on your tongue until all of the lsd is absorbed.
  4. well we did it for about 15 min, or until the whole tab is all white, but a friend who did it with us accidentally swallowed it right away because he didnt know to keep it on his tounge and he still tripped his ass off
  5. I keep it under my tounge for 15 mins the swallow it.
  6. u aint gonna feel shit of a tab get liek 3 or 4 dude
  7. do you all think 80 bucks for 10 tabs is a good deal?
  8. as long as you keep the tab somewhere in your body where it can be absorbed... you're good. 15 min under your tongue would be fine.

    after a few good hours of tripping, be prepared to loose control of your limbs. Find a nice place to lay down and listen to music... My legs and arms were spazing for a good couple hours after I got home from where I was tripping.

    I was fine off one tab. But I'd do 2-3 next time.
  9. Druggies. LOL!
  10. how intense is the trip of lsd as to that of psilocybin (mushrooms)? at least you have it available to you guys, i cant find it anywhere around here.
  11. 8$ a tab is a good deal.

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