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  1. is the bane of my existence. :D:D:D
  2. I had some 2 nights ago and when it kicked in I was up all night having the most devine thoughts and everything was swirling around it was awsome. I tried tuning my guitar and the string broke and slashed my face thankfully i laughed it off
  3. yeah lsd rocks but this belongs in Pandora's box
  4. Congrats :). I've been meaning to try LSD and I checked Erowid but it didn't state if there were any physical side effects. Are there?
  5. I took acid twice this summer. Two hits each time. It was definitely one of the best times I ever had. Both times i tripped absolute balls and had a great time justlistening to music and staring at all the different wall paper in my house.

    If you get the chance I would def. try lsd. the best.

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