LSD - Seems like a myth to me

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Inhibitor, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. That's because I know no one where I live who can get it, has ever tripped on it, or has even talked about it. Is there anyone in Ohio that has done lsd that they have got here? I'm not looking for a source, I just want to know if it exists around here.

    P.S. Yes I know it's real ignore the title. Also I don't got a lot of posts so I understand if none of you trust me.
  2. its everywhere.

    let it find you.:wave:
  3. I feel like it never will.... Is there any thing I can buy on the internet that's the equivalent, or any thing I can make?
  4. look at the poster above you.;)
  5. LSD has no equivelent, it is in a class of its own. The closest I could think of would be shrooms, but even that is a far cry from true acid. Pure LSD is the most ballin' shit ever.
  6. I want some LSD too man.
  7. Well if you dont know anyone personally, you could go to a music feastival, lots of acid at those places.
  8. I've been trying to get LSD to no avail....for the past 2 months :(
  9. acid is the shit... just keep looking
  10. you could always order up some LSA..not as pleasant and oftentimes overwhelming, but it's an intense psychedelic trip comparable to LSD nonetheless.
  11. I've been waiting for LSD to come around here for quite a while. It's definitely the #1 drug I want to try in my lifetime. It finally came around here the past few weeks, and when I finally found out about it the guy went on vacation to the mountains. My buddy told me he was going to be back on Monday (only about 3 days). He didn't come back for a good 7 or 8 days, and the day after he got back he moved away. Such bullshit. It's just my luck that stupid shit like this has to happen when I finally find the one thing I want most.

  12. LSD is out there in every city... you just have to know the right people, or know people who know the right people, etc etc...

    I too thought that I would never find it, but even in my suburb in Texas, I eventually ran across a source that always has it, whenever I, or my friends, want it.

    Like Ezav420 said, let it find you.

    The longer the wait, the greater the reward. ;)
  13. yo i live in ohio i can get it anytime i want from multiple sources. I cant believe you can't find it. you must live in a small town. Also if ur thinking its bc i am connected, well im not. I just chill and smoke bongs and am definately not in the "game"
  14. People drop LSD in english class.. They thing there cool cause they show you there toungue..
  15. Dropping LSD in English class is just fucking stupid.
  16. i remember when i didnt have a connect to L, why the fuck would you trip on acid in school; that would just be like non stop thinking, granet you could probably discover a bunch of new shit thats never been thought of before haha
  17. LSD is like a good relationship
    when you're not looking for it it'll come your way..

    it's realy funny like for the past 6 months all my friends have been like where is it and like trying their hardest to get it, while me not really caring about it
    then one day i was chillin with my boyfriend and hes like "i found a tab in my car" and i had my first trip in 08. really niceee....
    then it came around for a little bit haha and everyone was on that
  18. It's only not available if you are searching in the wrong places. :cool:
  19. It is very hard to find in a lot of cities. Ive looked everywhere in mine and havnt found any good connect, so I just usually will pick up bulk at a festival every once in a while.
  20. Any good tips on shows to go to to get it?

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