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Discussion in 'General' started by netmaster121, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone,

    this is my first venture into the world of LSD. this Friday I'm getting 5 LSD sugar cubes.
    I would only take one at a time just so none of you think I'm crazy.

    A couple questions:

    Wont the sugar cubes crumble?
    How large are most sugar cubes?
    Any recommendations for storing them for an extended period of time
    Any other first time tripping recommendations?

    thanks everyone
  2. To your questions,
    Like M&Ms, sugar cubes crumble in your mouth, not in your hand.

    I dont know the exact size of sugar cubes, but they seemed to be anywhere from a half inch to an inch cubed

    I dont know about storing them, but Ive heard to store them in tin foil

    The best trips ive ever had took place outside. Tv and music have never done anything for me while tripping..
  3. Slim covered it well.

    Take one, wait an hour or two. Outside is a lot better bro. Have a sitter too. You're prone to wander off and do something dumb, especially for a first timer. Take it easy. Sometimes the come up can be a bit uneasy, like when you take E. Just chill. Smoke a blunt with a couple friends if you want, It hides a shakey comeup!
  4. so the effects can take a couple hours to occur?
  5. Nahh, They come up within an hour. IS your friend dude. Check it out.
  6. Arent those just normal sugar cubes with LSD dropped on it.
  7. Yeah, but are there different size sugar cubes? Ive only bought cubes once and they were pretty big..
  8. sugar cubes usually dont crumble. but i dont trust sugar cubes. every time ive gotten sugar cubes, they have been fake. try and stick w/ blotter. you never know how much acid goes into 1 sugar cube... 1 hit or 6?

    store them in tin foil in a cool dark place. (freezers work GREAT)

    have a buddy trip with you. have him be tripping to. trip sitters on acid are kind of weird, but if you want one it would be ok. go to a place where you can be as loud as you want and do as many random things as you want to do. glowsticks. glowing posters, a movie. (natural born killers, the wall, 8 crazy nights are all great movies.)

  9. once you start to come down (and dont have much in the way of open eye visuals), listen to some hendrix and just chill with your eyes closed. i always enjoy that. and toke a little
  10. I think they are a half inch or something like that.
  11. one of my buddy's had about 50 drops of acid inside of a dropper i ended up getting 8 of them and went to to the store and bought some sweet tarts, i took a knife and dug a little hole in them so that the drop wouldn't run of, iput two hits on each of them, i only have one left that i store inside of an old pill bottle iside of a dark box,

    i don't really trust sugar cubes at all, i have never found them to be any good, but i believe that it is the dealer that is responsible and not the method of takin it
  12. first time i ever did cid was sugar cubes and they were legit. i figure the odds are the same all around. someone could just hand you a piece of empty blotter, its not like you can really see it

    cid doesn't seem like the kind of drug a lot of people will screw other people over with. i mean, most people don't pay more than 10 a hit anyways
  13. don't pick them up with your fingers eat them out of the foil and you'll probably want to take two of them at first, then wait like 3 hours

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